Is an episiotomy done with scissors?

Is an episiotomy done with scissors?

If the baby is showing signs of distress and needs to be delivered quickly or the mother’s health is in jeopardy, the midwife or doctor may recommend cutting the perineum with surgical scissors to enlarge the opening of the vagina. This is called an episiotomy.

How long does the stitching from the episiotomy takes to heal?

2 You don’t have to have them removed by a doctor; the stitches will break down on their own within 2 to 4 weeks. Episiotomy stitches usually start to dissolve within a few days, and are gone after a week or two.

What scissors to use for episiotomy?

Medsor Impex episiotomy scissor is made of best quality stainless steel for delicate procedures and for better uses . These are used for performing episiotomy during the deliveries and labor. It is also known as Braun Episiotomy Scissors or Braun stadler Episiotomy Scissors.

How do I know if my episiotomy is healing?

The new tissue may look red and may bleed a little. Usually, when the healing process is complete, there will be a red scar for a short while. This will eventually fade like any skin scar. Re-sutured wounds heal a bit faster but there is a small risk that it will become infected again.

What are indications for episiotomy?

The indications of episiotomy included forceps delivery, concerns with FHR, ventouse delivery, vaginal breech, face to pubes, previous history (H/O) of perineal tear, maternal exhaustion, rigid perineum, good size baby, and no specific reason.

How can I tell if my episiotomy is healing?

What are the scissors used for in an episiotomy?

Instead of having one to several spontaneous “rips,” doctors can perform episiotomies using highly specialized, Episiotomy Scissors, to concentrate the expansion to one, highly controlled cut, which will aid in the healing process.

Why is it so hard for an episiotomy to heal?

Having excessive moisture around your episiotomy site, may make it harder for it to heal. It’s important to keep this delicate area clean and dry. Of course it will be a pain to constantly change pads, but it will assist the episiotomy in healing.

What is the difference between episiotomy and episiorrhaphy?

Episiorrhaphy is the repair of an Episiotomy. Whenever an incision is made, there is need to stitch it back and the process of stitching it is called Episiorrhaphy; whereas the process of making the incision is called Episiotomy. Use of interrupted stitches on the skin in Episiorrhaphy

How does pain spray help after an episiotomy?

What’s great about anesthetic pain spray is that it numbs the perineal area. This area is very sore after giving birth, especially after receiving an episiotomy. Another great thing about anesthetic pain spray is it lessens contact with the healing area. This will help prevent possible infections because you just spray it on the perineum.

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