Is AT2035 good for vocals?

Is AT2035 good for vocals?

The sound of the AT2035 is excellent. A 20Hz – 20kHz frequency response ensures it’s great not only for vocals, but on a variety of instruments like acoustic and electric guitars. It’s a great choice for musos that can’t afford a zillion different mics. It’ll handle 148dB of vocal bellowing if you’re that way inclined.

When was AT2035 released?

The AT2035 Cardioid Condenser Microphone and the AT2050 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone will be available August 2008.

Does AT2035 require phantom power?

Description The AT2035 is a large-diaphragm side-address fixed-charge condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. It is designed for home/project/ professional studio applications and live performance. The microphone requires 11V to 52V phantom power for operation.

Is the AT2035 a condenser mic?

Designed for home audio recording, music and sound projects, professional studio applications and live performances. With a rugged all-metal construction, this side-address cardioid studio condenser microphone delivers exceptional detail and low noise.

Is AT2035 a cardioid?

Designed for critical home/project/professional studio applications and live performance, this side-address cardioid studio condenser delivers exceptional detail and low noise. Equipped with a switchable 80 Hz high-pass filter and 10 dB pad, the AT2035 handles high sound pressure levels with ease.

Is the AT2035 dynamic?

The AT2035 has a rated dynamic range of 136 decibels.

What cable do I need for AT2035?

Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone….

Connector Type 3.5 Mm, Xlr
Cable Type XLR
Compatible Devices Laptop, PC
Brand HQRP

Why is my AT2035 not working?

Be sure the pad is set to 0db, and low cut isn’t on. If you still have no sound on the amp, and your volume is high, then you should check another microphone. If another mic works, you AT2035 is defective.

Is the Audio Technica at2035 a good sound?

The AT2035 has good features for the price, sturdy construction and a fairly flat, clear sound. On the right vocalist it sounds great, but it will not suit all types of singers. Worth it?

What kind of music can I record with the at2035?

The AT2035 can record acoustic guitar acoustically or through an amp The sensitivity of the AT2035 makes recording acoustic guitar super enjoyable. It does a very good job of capturing your guitar’s true sound, which is exactly what you want. Because of the way the AT2035 is built, it’s able to handle really loud instruments and still sound good.

What’s the difference between the at2020 and at2035?

Self-noise is a respectably low 12dB EIN, equating to a signal‑to‑noise ratio of 82dB at 1kHz at 1Pa — some 8dB lower than that of the AT2020. Structurally and cosmetically, the AT2035 is very similar to the 2020, weighing 403g and measuring 170mm long, with the widest point of the body being 52mm in diameter.

What kind of phantom power does an at2035 mic need?

The AT2035 features a low-cut filter, 10dB pad and cardioid pickup pattern. It requires +48V phantom power. The mic ships with a custom shockmount and a durable padded pouch. The plastic shockmount is study and does the job adequately.

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