Is coffee cup an HTML editor?

Is coffee cup an HTML editor?

CoffeeCup HTML Editor is an HTML editor. According to the authors the editor was the first to support JavaScript (version 3.5 Sep. 1996), split-screen editing (version 4.0, March 1997) and built-in FTP upload (version 5.2, February 1998).

Is CoffeeCup free?

The CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor is a full-featured web design system. The Free HTML Editor is a trimmed-down version of the CoffeeCup HTML Editor, and does not contain the CSS Menu Designer, FTP Upload (but you can sync with S-Drive), Image Mapper, and Website Color Schemer.

What is the latest version of CoffeeCup HTML Editor?


What is CoffeeCup website?

CoffeeCup Software is an American computer software development company based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States founded in 1996. The company currently creates software applications for creating, designing, and editing responsive websites and a number of online services for webmasters.

Is coffee cup a wysiwyg editor?

As a leading WYSIWYG Web pages tool, CoffeeCup HTML Editor has all the important basic features that you need to build basic Web pages.

Why do I have to change my HTML in CoffeeCup?

CoffeeCup HTML Editor has to change HTML code you write to make it compatible with some of the capabilities it supports in WYSIWYG mode. The reason for saving your code from the Code Editor is so you can return to it if necessary after CoffeeCup changes the version in the Visual Editor.

What kind of computer do I need to use CoffeeCup HTML editor?

To check for an updated version of CoffeeCup HTML Editor, go to the CoffeeCup HTML Editor site. To run CoffeeCup HTML Editor, you need a computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista.

How to insert a link in CoffeeCup HTML?

5 Pull down the Format menu, select a line of text and choose an option. The Format menu includes options include changing the font; making text bold, italic, or underlined; aligning it left, center, right, or fully justified; indenting text, and other effects. 6 Select another line of text, pull down the Insert menu, and choose Link.

How to switch from one site to another with CoffeeCup?

Easily switch between addresses; For example, from a work-in-progress to a live production site. Or go ftp-free by syncing with the CoffeeCup hosting platform. Get a custom domain name or use your own. Connecting is easy, simply use your CoffeeCup credentials (email and password).

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