Is ION Sky free?

Is ION Sky free?

Ion Sky is NOT FREE! You must spend $20 at a store within Ion Orchard (the building) on that day, and present the receipt at the Ion Sky concierge, to get a ticket. For two adults & two young children we would have had to spend $80. The lookout itself is fine.

How do I get to 55th floor ION Orchard?

How to get there. To get to 1-Atico, you will have to take the escalator up to the fourth level of ION Orchard and head to ION Art. From there, take the lift all the way to the 55th floor of the building.

How do you get ion in the sky?

ION Sky is open daily between 3pm and 6pm with the last admission at 5.30pm. To get to ION Sky, make your way to ION Art Gallery that is located on the 4th floor of ION Mall. From here, take a lift to the observatory deck.

How tall is ION Sky?

The development’s observation deck, ION Sky, is located on the 55th and 56th floor of the building. With a height of 218 m above ground, it offers a panoramic view of the city. It will also have a 75,000 sq ft (7,000 m2) garden on its 9th floor, together with two club facilities on its 9th and 30th floors.

How do you get to Ion Art Gallery?

The nearest stations to ION Art Gallery are:

  1. Orchard Rd – Orchard Stn/Tang Plaza (09047) is 92 meters away, 2 min walk.
  2. Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel is 104 meters away, 2 min walk.
  3. Orchard Turn – Wisma Atria (Taxi Stand A08) is 155 meters away, 3 min walk.
  4. Ion Orchard is 225 meters away, 4 min walk.

What is there to do in Orchard?

10 Fun And Free Things To Do In Orchard Road

  • Visit The Rooftop Garden At Orchard Central.
  • Take In The View Of The City.
  • Visit The Prettiest Looking Library In Singapore.
  • Take A Walk In Fort Canning Park.
  • Go Museum-hopping…
  • Admire The Shophouse Along Emerald Hill.
  • Work Up A Sweat At The Skate Park.
  • Visit The Botanic Gardens.

What does ION stand for?

First definition of ION

Definition: In Other News
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 4: Difficult to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

Is Ion a capitaland?

At the heart of Orchard Road, ION Orchard is Singapore’s premier mall….Key facts.

About the Property
Property Type Retail
Project Status Completed and Operational
Gross Floor Area (sq ft) 1,458,234.62
Net Lettable Area (sq ft) 627,971.95

Who designed ion?

Designed by British Architects Benoy with RSP Architects Planners & Engineers as the project architects, ION Orchard’s signature futuristic architecture had already bagged two prestigious awards at MAPIC 2006 for ‘Best Retail Development over 20,000 square metres’, and the ‘Best Architectural Entry’ at British real …

How do you become ion privi elite?

ION Orchard may, in its sole and absolute discretion, invite a Member to upgrade to IONPRIVI ELITE Membership where such Member has spent a minimum of $250,000 within a period of 12 consecutive months.

What is ion toilet card?

The toilet is a fancy Toto Neorest unit, which costs more than $10,000. Its seat cover automatically lifts up when a user approaches and closes after use. Only VIP guests, defined by an Ion spokesman as ‘dignitaries and celebrities’, may use these restrooms which are locked.

How much is ION Sky admission in Singapore?

Soak up bird’s eye view of Singapore and discover Singapore’s history in an immersive multimedia experience by local singer-songwriter Dick Lee. Simply spend $20 per receipt* in ION Orchard for 1 admission ticket. Blackout dates and other terms and conditions apply.

When does ION Sky at Ion mall open?

The bonus for dining at this restaurant is that you are treated to spectacular views just one floor below the observatory deck. ION Sky is open daily between 3pm and 6pm with the last admission at 5.30pm. To get to ION Sky, make your way to ION Art Gallery that is located on the 4th floor of ION Mall.

When is the next ion sky light show?

Since Mar. 1, 2021, ION Sky has been showing its latest seasonal animated light show that will be available until Apr. 31, 2021. Titled “Timeless Wonder”, the show centres around the beauty of nature with shifting shades of dawn to dusk. Photo by ION Orchard.

Is the ION Sky in ION Orchard free?

Located on the 55th Floor of ION Orchard – The ION Sky is one impressive high place that is free to check out. I didn’t know it even exist; until today.

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