Is it better to save or sacrifice the council?

Is it better to save or sacrifice the council?

Weighing the pros and cons, it’s best to save the Citadel Council at the end of Mass Effect 1. Whilst having the Destiny Ascension as a war asset is worth slightly less compared to the fully stocked Alliance fleets (70 vs. 100), Shephard will have an easier time throughout the trilogy by sparing the alien leadership.

Does it matter if you save the Council in Mass Effect?

If you let the Council die, the Alliance forces will be superior War Assets in Mass Effect 3, while if you save them, the Alliance will be weakened, but you’ll get The Ascension as a War Asset to balance it out.

What happens if I save the council me1?

The Council is wholeheartedly thankful, and offers humanity a seat. You can choose between Anderson and Udina, or you can let the Council make the choice for you. If you port this save into Mass Effect 2, the Council offers to reinstate your Spectre status, which you can accept or decline.

Who should I choose for the council mass effect?

If you choose Udina for the Council: This changes minor dialogue around Shepard’s rank and powers. If you saved the original council, they will re-appoint Shepard as a Spectre (if you wish), against Udina’s wishes.

Does saving the council matter?

If you save the Council, they are much warmer towards you in Mass Effect 2. They’re much more careful with you because you let the original Council perish in Mass Effect 1. You will not have the Destiny Ascension as a ship for your war effort in Mass Effect 3.

Why is udina Councillor?

A few weeks later Anderson was contacted by Hackett, and agreed to rejoin the Alliance military to help prepare for the Reaper Invasion. The writers wanted Udina to be councilor and Anderson to be on Earth, so they just made it happen.

Is Anderson or Udina for council?

By the events of Mass Effect 3, Captain Anderson will inevitably not be a member of the council anymore, being replaced by Ambassador Udina. It does change some minor events for Mass Effect 2 though.

Why is Udina Councillor?

Can udina survive?

Somehow Udina manages to survive the initial attack on the Citadel when Sovereign and Saren launch their assault.

What happens if you save the Council in Mass Effect 3?

The biggest ramification for future games is that if you choose to save the council, you’ll also preserve the massive Destiny Ascension battleship which will be a useful war asset in Mass Effect 3. The original council will also be apperciative and remember your selfless act.

What to do at the end of Mass Effect?

The Mass Effect games offer plenty of opportunities for players to shape the world and plot of the series with the decisions they make while playing. At the very end of the first Mass Effect game, you are faced with the choice of saving the Citadel Council or letting them die. RELATED: Mass Effect: Should You Save Ashley Or Kaidan On Virmire?

What are the consequences of Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2 Consequences: The Council will not grant you an audience or reinstate you as a Spectre. If you elected Anderson as Councillor, he will reinstate you as a Spectre. Other races you meet in the Citadel will be more hostile towards you. Mass Effect 3 Consequences: The Alliance fleet will count as superior War Assets.

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