Is JC Whitney catalog company still in business?

Is JC Whitney catalog company still in business?

JC Whitney is a retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories. It was acquired by (formerly U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc.), a publicly traded American online provider of aftermarket auto parts in 2010. In July 2020, JC Whitney was merged into….JC Whitney.

Type Subsidiary
Website JC Whitney

When did JC Whitney go out of business?

Indeed, while researching this article, I discovered that JC Whitney filed for Chapter XI bankruptcy in 1979, a fact not well known even to the employees of the company.

Is CarParts com the same as JC Whitney?

JC Whitney entered a new era after being launched as an in-house brand on in July 2020. Now a brand of its own, JC Whitney continues to provide customers with high-quality auto replacement parts supported by’s improved vehicle selector and shopping tools.

Who bought JC Whitney?

U.S. Auto Parts
U.S. Auto Parts has acquired Whitney Automotive Group, best known for its J.C. Whitney brand, for $27.5 million. As part of the deal, U.S. Auto Parts also assumes $11 million in trade-related and other payables.

Does J.C. Whitney sell motorcycle parts?

The vast majority of motorcycle parts have been removed from JC Whitney’s site. All google links to motorcycle parts are broken. Talked to a customer service rep; They have a limited selection of parts left, and when they’re gone so is the motorcycle section.

Is CarParts com a legitimate site?

CarParts has a consumer rating of 2.81 stars from 597 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about CarParts most frequently mention customer service, next day and tracking number problems. CarParts ranks 27th among Auto Parts sites.

Does RockAuto have stores?

RockAuto is an online, family business founded in 1999 by automotive engineers with two goals: Make auto parts affordable (by remaining a strictly online company, we have no store locations, no counter-people and don’t have a lot of money tied up in slow-moving inventory.

What is the most popular auto parts store?

Top Auto Parts Stores in the USA:

  • NAPA Auto Parts. NAPA auto parts started their journey back in 1925 in the motor city.
  • RockAuto. One of the OG of the online auto parts store community, RockAuto was founded back in 1999.
  • AutoZone.
  • AutoPartsWarehouse.
  • Advance Auto Parts.
  • CARiD.
  • JC Whitney.
  • PartzRoot.

Where can I get a JC Whitney parts catalog?

As an alternative, the JC Whitney website offers free electronic versions of the catalogs, or e-catalogs, for the automobile brand Jeep as well as the specialty segment Truck.

What can JC Whitney do for your car?

Boost your vehicle’s performance with parts and accessories from the JC Whitney product catalog. This leading auto parts provider carries interior and exterior accessories, replacement or enhancement parts, tires, tools, and specialty products for specific brands and models.

When did Wag auto parts Buy JC Whitney?

In 2010, US Auto Parts purchased WAG, including JC Whitney, for $27.5 million. The company has since slowly reworked the brand into an online digital catalog and retail website and did away with the printed catalog version.

Who is the current owner of JC Whitney?

Warshawsky died in 1997, and by 2002, the company was sold to Riverside Capital, which later formed the Whitney Automotive Group (WAG) to encompass other holdings like Under the management of WAG, the JC Whitney brand experienced moderate success.

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