Is the Burris Eliminator 3 legal in Colorado?

Is the Burris Eliminator 3 legal in Colorado?

Despite the revolutionary innovations, it’s illegal to hunt with an Eliminator III scope in a handful of other states. Although it’s legal in Colorado, the same technology was recently implemented into Burris’ first sight for archery hunters, the Oracle Bow Sight.

How much does a Burris Eliminator weigh?

Burris Eliminator 4-16x50mm Laser Rangefinding Rifle Scope with Ballistic Calculator

Brand Burris
Style Eliminator III
Item Dimensions LxWxH 19.5 x 4.9 x 4.1 inches
Sport Type Hunting
Item Weight 737 Grams

Who makes the eliminator scope?

Burris Eliminator III
The Burris Eliminator III Electronic 4–16×50 Rifle Scope offers precision performance with high-quality lenses and a digital display. The Hi-Lume® multi-coated lenses on this Burris scope reduce glare for improved low-light performance.

Are Leupold lenses made in China?

Leupold riflescopes are all designed, machined, and assembled in our Beaverton Oregon manufacturing facility. So if you come across a Leupold riflescope being shipped into the United States from China, it is a very likely a counterfeit.

What is X96 reticle?

The X96 Reticle is custom designed only for the Burris Eliminator. It displays your range to target in a split second. Displays a lighted dot on your vertical crosshair indicating the correct aiming point at the exact distance.

What is ranging point on a scope?

Reticles are designed to give us a place where we can aim and then shoot. As an example, there are reticles made for general hunting to those designed for low light shooting and everything in between. Simple reticles make it easier to see the target while busier reticles can cover your impact point.

What is the range of the Burris eliminator IV?

Zero in on the reliable, long-range-capable Burris® Eliminator IV™ LaserScope. Boasting ranges out to 2,000 yards, this incredible scope features an onboard ballistics calculator that delivers fast, accurate data. Bluetooth® laser activation has been added to make it easy to range the target.

How does a Burris eliminator laser rangefinder work?

An onboard laser rangefinder calculates the exact range to the target, while the microprocessor uses a variety of factors to adjust the position of the aiming point on the reticle.

Is there a warranty on the Burris eliminator?

The Burris Forever Warranty that covers the entire scope and electronics is a “No Brainer” when it come to purchase. If you are a “meat in the freezer” hunter that wants to be able to make ethical kill shots beyond 200 yards, This Is The Answer!! Desert hunters ,like myself, have tremendous exposure.

How does the Bluetooth work on the Burris eliminator?

Bluetooth® laser activation has been added to make it easy to range the target. The custom-designed X96™ reticle displays your range to target in a split second for rapid alignment, without long wait times before you can confidently pull the trigger.

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