Is the water heated at Enchanted Forest Water Safari?

Is the water heated at Enchanted Forest Water Safari?

Water Safari Resort is a family fun Adirondack Vacation Destination with over 50 rides, shows, and attractions, including 33 heated outdoor water rides (3 of which are NEW!), campground, hotel and more!

Can you bring food into Enchanted Forest Water Safari?

You can bring coolers & food into the park – just no glass containers! Waterproof plastic holder for cash & other small valuables. Don’t wear your sunglasses on the slides!

How much do you get paid at Water Safari?

Enchanted Forest Water Safari Salaries

Job Title Salary
Team Member salaries – 2 salaries reported $10/hr
Admissions Assistant/Team Member salaries – 1 salaries reported $9/hr
Seasonal Worker salaries – 1 salaries reported $13/hr
Administrative Assistant salaries – 1 salaries reported $12/hr

Does water safari have lockers?

Rentals. Enchanted Forest Water Safari offers day-use lockers, VIP double tubes, strollers & wheelchair rentals for the convenience of our guests. Single & Double Stroller Rentals: We offer single & double strollers that are availabe to rent by the day. Strollers must stay inside the park at all times.

Can you bring coolers into Enchanted Forest Water Safari?

Yes you can bring coolers in with food and drinks. There are outdoor as well as covered large picnic areas with charcoal grills throughout the park (bring your own charcoal).

How many rides are there at Water Safari?

50 Rides
New York’s Largest Water Theme Park – Over 50 Rides & Attractions | Water Safari Resort, Old Forge, NY.

How long does it take to get through the enchanted forest?

The main trail at The Enchanted Forest takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. The Wildland Interpretive Nature Walk takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

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