Is USB SuperDrive compatible with iMac?

Is USB SuperDrive compatible with iMac?

It connects to your Mac* with a single USB Type-A cable that’s built into the SuperDrive. There’s no separate power adapter, and it works whether your Mac is plugged in or running on battery power. The Apple USB SuperDrive is compatible with Mac models from 2008 and later that don’t have a built-in optical drive.

Does iMac 27 inch have a DVD drive?

All iMacs come with an optical drive, which Apple calls a SuperDrive. The iMac’s optical drive can read CDs, CD data disks, DVDs and DVD data disks. You can use it to play audio CDs, watch DVD movies and load files and applications from data disks.

Will Apple SuperDrive work with Catalina?

With macOS Catalina, the SuperDrive won’t show up in the, Finder sidebar, Desktop, or Disk Utility unless a disc is inserted. If you need to make sure that the drive is working on a software level, open System Preferences. The CDs and DVDs preference pane will only show up when the SuperDrive is connected.

Which iMac have a CD drive?

The last iMacs with an internal optical drive were the 2011 models. You will need an external DVD drive. Apple still makes the olde USB SuperDrive but its compatibility with newer Macs is not clear based on reports here.

Do any Macs have a CD drive?

Apple has discontinued its non-Retina legacy MacBook Pro, the last Mac it sold with a built-in CD/DVD drive. As with the 12-inch MacBook, a dongle would be needed to use the SuperDrive with new MacBook Pros that have switched to USB-C ports. …

Do new Macs have CD drives?

Recent Macs have no physical drive for you to play CDs or DVDs. But there’s another simple solution: buy and connect an external optical drive, and play the DVD through that. If you want to stick with the official Apple kit, the company sells a USB SuperDrive for £79/$79.

Does IMAC burn DVD?

Since that date, Apple has not sold any Macs with optical drives. This means that burning an optical disc with a Mac requires either older hardware, or an external drive. (Apple still sells the SuperDrive, its own external DVD/CD drive that you can plug into a Mac’s USB port.)

How do I eject a disc from my iMac?

To eject a disc from your Mac, do any of the following:

  1. Eject a disc from the desktop: Select the disc you want to eject, then choose File > Eject [disc].
  2. Eject a disc from an optical drive: Press the Eject key .

Where is the CD slot on New iMac?

Answer: A: It doesn’t have one. Apple has dropped installing the optical drive on their new Macs. If you need one then you must get an external optical drive.

Where is my SuperDrive on Mac?

With the SuperDrive connected, open System Preferences. You should see a CDs and DVDs preferences pane. This item will only appear when the SuperDrive is connected. Next, go to System Information > USB and see if the SuperDrive is recognized.

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