What are the chapters of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian?

What are the chapters of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian?

Chapters 1 – 10

  • 1 The Black-Eye-of-the-Month Club.
  • 2 Why Chicken means so much to Me.
  • 3 Revenge Is My Middle Name.
  • 4 Because Geometry is not a Country Somewhere Near France.
  • 5 Hope Against Hope.
  • 6 Go Means Go.
  • 7 Rowdy Sings the Blues.
  • 8 How to Fight Monsters.

What is the reservation in part-time Indian?

Spokane Indian Reservation
setting (place) The Spokane Indian Reservation and the town of Reardan in Washington state. protagonist Arnold Spirit, Jr. major conflict The major conflict of the novel is Junior’s struggle to find acceptance and belonging in two vastly different communities, the Spokane reservation and Reardan High.

Why does rowdy punch junior in the face?

He accuses Junior of having a superiority complex. Rowdy is upset because he thinks that Junior is rejecting their Native American heritage. If we refer to the text, we get a clear description of Rowdy’s pain. After hearing about Junior’s plans, he erupts into a keening scream and eventually punches Junior in the face.

At what age did junior start wearing glasses?

Expert Answers In The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, Junior started wearing eyeglasses when he was just three years old. Ever since birth, Junior suffered from physical ailments, the most immediate being hydrocephalus.

What does rowdy secretly like to read?

They were born within two hours of each other and are each other’s only friends. Rowdy loves kids’ comic books like Archie and Caspar the Friendly Ghost; secretly, he’s “a big, goofy dreamer,” and Junior loves to make him laugh.

Why does Mr P want Junior to leave the reservation?

Mr. P tells Junior to leave the reservation for good if he wants to retain hope in his life and to hold on to his aspirations and dreams for his future. He doesn’t want Junior to ‘fade away’ or to fail, like the rest of his ancestors or even his sister, who has given up hope of becoming a writer.

Do rowdy and junior become friends again?

So yes, Rowdy and Junior become friends again and seemingly are working to repair the damage that has been done to their initially strong friendship.

What did JR gift to rowdy?

He draws a cartoon of himself and Rowdy as super heroes giving each other a fist bump, and takes it over to Rowdy’s house. Rowdy’s dad says Rowdy isn’t home, but he will give Rowdy the cartoon even though it’s “a little gay.” As Junior walks away, he sees Rowdy holding the cartoon through the upstairs window.

Is the Diary of a part time Indian true?

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What happens to junior in part time Indian?

The most serious complications of Junior’s brain damage, however, are his occasional seizures. Junior’s brain is already bruised, and these seizures keep it from healing. He also has a stutter and lisp. The other kids on the reservation (or the “rez”) call him a retard and beat him up for it.

How many teeth does a part time Indian have?

As he grows up, he ends up having 42, instead of 32 teeth. When it comes time to have the extras removed, Junior learns Indian Health Services does major dental work only once per year. So Junior has all ten extra teeth pulled during one day.

What does rowdy say to junior in Diary of a part time Indian?

Rowdy doesn’t apologize for everything he’s said and done, but he does tell Junior that he always knew he would leave the reservation, and that he looks forward to Junior’s travels and is happy for him.

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