What are the types of malpresentation and malposition?

What are the types of malpresentation and malposition?


  • fetal malpresentations types include 1,3,4 breech – most common malpresentation; buttocks or feet of fetus are fetal presenting part.
  • fetal malposition types include 2,3 occiput posterior – fetal occiput is oriented toward the posterior aspect of the maternal pelvis.

What are the types of malposition?

There are different types of malpresentation:

  • Breech presentation: A breech presentation is when the baby is lying with their bottom or feet down.
  • Transverse lie: A transverse lie is when the baby is lying sideways.
  • Oblique lie: The baby’s head is against the mother’s hip, high above the birth canal.

What is the mechanism of labour?

Mechanism of labor The mechanisms of labor, also known as the cardinal movements, involve changes in the position of the fetus’s head during its passage in labor. These are described in relation to a vertex presentation.

What is the most common malpresentation?

Breech presentation is the most common malpresentation, with the majority discovered before labour. Breech presentation is much more common in premature labour. Approximately one third are diagnosed during labour when the fetus can be directly palpated through the cervix.

How is malposition diagnosed?

On abdominal examination, the lower part of the abdomen is flattened, fetal limbs are palpable anteriorly and the fetal heart may be heard in the flank. On vaginal examination, the posterior fontanelle is towards the sacrum and the anterior fontanelle may be easily felt if the head is deflexed.

What is the most common fetal malposition?

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What is the difference between fetal malpresentation and malposition?

Fetal Malpresentation and Malposition: Diagnosis and Management Fetal malpresentation and fetal malposition are frequently interchanged; however, fetal malpresentation refers to a fetus with a fetal part other than the head engaging the maternal pelvis. Fetal malposition in labor includes occiput posterior and occiput transverse positions.

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