What do you mean by ping me?

What do you mean by ping me?

If you ping someone, you contact them via computer or phone, which might ping when the message comes through. In the 1800s, a ping was primarily the sound a bullet made as it hit something — today it’s just as likely to mean “a message sent from one computer to another.”

Is ping the same as text?

As verbs the difference between ping and message is that ping is to make a high-pitched, short and somewhat sharp sound while message is to send a message to; to transmit a message to, as text via a cell phone.

How do you ping somebody?

To run a ping, open the command prompt by pressing “Windows-R” and entering “cmd.” At the prompt, type “ping” without quotes, enter a domain name, such as “google.com” and press “Enter.” The tool sends several pings and displays how long each takes to return. If the ping fails, try using an IP address, such as “64.233.

What happens when you ping someone?

The “ping”—a data packet—is sent out to an IP address. Transmitted over the network’s switch and router, the data packet arrives at the device with the specified address. If the ping doesn’t receive a response, the request times out, and the device that sent the ping gets an error message or notification of data loss.

What is to ping a phone?

A cell phone ping is when a signal is sent to a cell phone and the cell phone responds by reporting its location.

How do you ping someone on Facebook?

Click the “Start” menu, then click on “All Programs” and “Accessories.” Open the “Command Prompt” program. Type “ping facebook.com” in the command prompt. Press “Enter.”

What is another word for ping?

What is another word for ping?

chime ring
reverberate bong
knell strike
bell resound
ring out clamourUK

Can you ping someone’s phone to find their location?

The traditional approach is to request your cell phone provider to ping to cell tower and triangulate the phone’s location. This is available to government and law enforcement, but generally not something ordinary citizens can do.

How do you ping a cell phone?

You can’t directly ping a cellphone number unless you have access to the carrier’s system, which means it’s limited to the carrier and – within limits – law enforcement. The civilian equivalent is installing a phone-tracker app that reports the phone’s location to whoever installs and administers the app.

What is purpose of ping?

Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts

Why is ping so high?

Some reasons your ping might be high include: Routers and how updated they are, where they’re placed, and whether their firmware is up to date. Computers and whether they’re outdated, un-optimized for gaming, or need to be cleaned. Caches on your router or modems whether they’re full.


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