What does 6 13 mean on a Guinness glass?

What does 6 13 mean on a Guinness glass?

Aparently, 06 is the certification mark for an official pint glass certified by the national standards authority of Ireland. These rules came in 2006 hence the 06. The 13 refers to the year of manufacture of the glass.

What does the M mean on a beer glass?

The UKCA (United Kingdom Conformity Assessment) mark is the new UK product mark. UKCA marking is mandatory by law for glasses that are being used in licenced establishments to sell by measurements. This ensures the measure being served complies with UK directives.

Can you buy a Guinness clear glass?

Ahead of the 2019 Six Nations, the beer brand has rebranded water as ‘Guinness Clear’ for its responsible drinking campaign.

What does the Guinness gravity pint glass look like?

Product Description. The New Guinness® Gravity Pint Glass has a new shape, an embossed harp on the back side of the glass and is one of our new best sellers! This glass comes in a single, pack of 24 and also has an option for a personalized engraving.

What does the ” 06 / 13 ” on the side of a Guinness glass mean?

I was drinking with some friends and we couldn’t find what the meaning of the 06/13 on the side of his Guinness glass was. Does anyone know what this stands for? Thanks. Sorry to anyone who sees this as a common question. Looks like it’s a date mark to certify quality.

What kind of glass do you use for a Guinness Toast?

Check your available gifts! Celebrate any occasion by sharing a toast with a Guinness glass. Pint glasses, tankards or champagne flutes – you’re sure to find a glass to suit your style. Choose Your Glassware!

Is the Guinness logo printed on a dishwasher?

The printed Guinness logo is completely professional looking (not some home-printed knock-off garbage) and stands up to an automatic dishwasher. I bought these for myself, but if you’re thinking of giving them as a gift, I can say I would have been happy to receive them.

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