What does Thallu mean?

What does Thallu mean?

An informal term for ‘friend’.

What does Andi mean in Malayalam?

Explanation: “andi” means “evening” .”medicine andikku thinnanum” means “take medicine at the evening”

What does EDA mean in Malayalam?

it’s a curse word means stupid or idiot.

What does Adipoli mean?

adipoli ​Definitions and Synonyms ​adjective. DEFINITIONS1. 1. excellent; used in Indian English. The concert was an adipoli performance which went deep into the hearts of everybody.

What is Andi English?

: a north Caucasic language.

What is Arandi ka tel called in English?

01/10Benefits of castor oil Also known as Arandi Ka Tel in Hindi, castor oil is a odorless vegetable oil that is extracted by pressing the seeds of the castor plant.

How can I learn Malayalam language?

How to Learn Malayalam

  1. Writing a journal.
  2. Keeping a voice diary by recording yourself speaking in Malayalam every day (remember, nobody has to listen to it – not even you)
  3. Labeling things around your home in Malayalam.
  4. Following Malayalam bloggers, influencers, and hashtags on social media.

What does Poda means in Malayalam?

Answer: Poda’ Is a Malayalam word that literally means ‘go away’. ‘ Po’ means go and ‘da’ is added to denote that the speaker is referring to a male person. To a female it would be ‘Po-di’.

What is Poda Patti?

Interjection. poda patti. (India, slang) An insult: go away, you dog!

What does Podi Pulle mean?

What does Podi Pulle mean? “Poda Pulle” means “Go grass” (It is a phrase which means “you are not worthy” or “your value is equal to grass in the field”

What is Kunna in English?

Verb. kunna. to know, understand, be able to. to know (by memory) to know, be familiar with (a person)

What is meaning of Telugu word Andi?

Meaning of ‘andi’ (అండి) ఏమండి what, sir!

What are some of the slang words in Malayalam?

Ayyo, poda patti, machaan These are words you use to poke fun at your mallu friend. But do you really know what they mean? Here’s a list of 15 awesome Malayalam words you should definitely add to your vocabulary.

Which is the worst curse word in Malayalam?

In Malayalam, a main curse word is “myru” which translates to “pubic hair”. In Tamil, it simply means “hair”. You can just go to a barber shop and say “annaa, cut my myru”, but in Malayalam this sentence is hilarious ��. When you refer the word to someone, it becomes “myre”. It’s like calling someone bro, but in the worst way possible :

Which is the cutest word in Malayalam dictionary?

KIDILAM- means ‘beyond awesome’(eg: That was a kidilam movie). AYYO- literally the cutest word ever. ADIPOLI ,THALLIPOLI- former word stands for Awesome and latter usually denotes a gunda or hooligan or even a person you hate 😉 UVVE!- when you know that someone is faking but you mockingly agree to him /her .

Which is the best Malayalam word for Tamil?

Tharakedu illa is a sweet and perfect Tamil word for (parvanahi) parava illai colloquial Tamil.These are a few words which take place in Tamil literature whereas Keralites speak in daily life. Always I wondered that Malayalam is no different from Tamil in reality.

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