What does the British Caving Association do?

What does the British Caving Association do?

The British Caving Association is the national body for underground exploration in the United Kingdom. It represents individuals and groups with a genuine interest in caves, karst and associated phenomena, whether from a strictly sporting viewpoint, a scientific viewpoint, or a combination of both.

Who is the national governing body for caving?

The NCA is the national body representing the interests of cavers in England, Scotland and Wales. It is recognised as the National Governing Body by the Sports Council who give grant-aid to some of its activities.

What are the aims of caving?

Caving is often undertaken for the enjoyment of the outdoor activity or for physical exercise, as well as original exploration, similar to mountaineering or diving. Physical or biological science is also an important goal for some cavers, while others are engaged in cave photography.

Where can you go potholing?

Top 10 caving destinations in the UK

  1. Alum Pot, Yorkshire. See the UK from a new perspective.
  2. Gaping Gill, Yorkshire.
  3. The Easegill system, Yorkshire.
  4. Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, South Wales.
  5. Ogof Draenen, South Wales.
  6. Porth yr Ogof, South Wales.
  7. Clearwell Caves, Gloucestershire.
  8. Swildon’s Hole, Somerset.

How do I start caving?

The most common, and generally accepted standard process to start caving is to begin by finding a grotto (caving club) near where you live, contact an officer of that grotto or attend a meeting, and express an interest in going on a “beginner” caving trip.

What caving means?

: the sport of exploring caves : spelunking.

What equipment do you need to go caving?

What Caving Equipment is Needed?

  • Helmet.
  • Headlamp.
  • Rope, harness and climbing gear.
  • Protective boots and a caving suit.
  • Ladders.

What is the difference between caving and potholing?

What is the difference between caving and potholing? Potholing is a type of caving where the primary aim is to ascend and descend ropes to reach the bottom of a cave. It is a more sophisticated form of abseiling and prussiking. Caving is a demanding and challenging group sport.

What is the difference between spelunking and caving?

As nouns the difference between caving and spelunking is that caving is the recreational sport of exploring caves while spelunking is the practice or hobby of exploring underground caverns; caving.

Where in the UK can you do potholing?

Pot Holing in Yorkshire and the Peak District Caving in the Yorkshire Dales and the Peak District, we make use of some of the UK’s premier potholing destinations. In these vast cave systems, you’ll see labyrinths of winding passageways, delicate cave formations, giant chambers and waterfalls.

Where can you do mine exploration in the UK?

EXPLORE CORNWALL’S MINES. Cornwall Underground Adventures is offering adventurous caving trips in Cornwall’s abandoned tin mines.

How difficult is caving?

Caving. The caving (non-ropework) difficulty, 1=very easy, 5= very hard. A higher grade for this means that the caving involves more strenuous passage, crawls, squeezes or may simply be long and more tiring. A higher grade may also indicate challenging climbs, or exposed sections where experience in caving is essential …

Is the British Cave Research Association a charity?

The British Cave Research Association is a UK registered charity, and a constituent body of the British Caving Association . For information about BCRA events, including our annual Cave Science Symposium, please look at our BCRA Events list, below, or go to the BCRA News Forum at bcra.org.uk/forum .

What do you need to know about the British Caving Association?

The AGM is where proposals to change things in the Association get voted on. It can be quite complicated to work out the bureaucratic machinery… Go to the news page to see more of the latest news from the BCA. Events from around the UK as well as major international ones.

Who is Jamie from the British Caving Association?

Article from Josh White in Youth and Development In a recent conversation with Badger, we were recalling some of our favourite memories as Scout Cave Leaders, and one that stood out for him was a young lad called Jamie. If you’re inspired by the following story and want to be able…

Where is the British cave science centre in Poole?

BCRA manages the new British Cave Science Centre at Poole’s Cavern in the Derbyshire Peak District. The centre was set up in 2018 and aims to promote cave science by offering an open-access research facility for cave scientists, additionally providing a safe working environment for students.

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