What episode does the 10th Doctor meet the 5th?

What episode does the 10th Doctor meet the 5th?

Time Crash
Time Crash was a special Doctor Who “mini-episode” produced for the 2007 Children in Need appeal. It was written by Steven Moffat, directed by Graeme Harper and featured David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor.

What is the most watched Doctor Who episode?

“Time Crash” was praised by critics who reviewed the episode, and was a ratings success; it was the most-viewed show of the night, and briefly the most-viewed episode of Doctor Who since 2005, with 11 million viewers.

What was the title of Doctor Who’s 2007 Children in Need special which featured the fifth and tenth Doctors?

The Children in Need Special, sometimes titled Born Again, was a Doctor Who mini-episode consisting of a short scene produced for the Children in Need campaign in 2005. It was written by Russell T Davies, directed by Euros Lyn and featured David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler.

Who did Peter Davidson marry?

Elizabeth Mortonm. 2003
Sandra Dickinsonm. 1978–1994Diane J. Russellm. 1973–1975
Peter Davison/Spouse

Does the doctor actually have a name?

The character was first portrayed by William Hartnell in 1963. At the programme’s beginning, nothing at all is known of the Doctor: not even his name, the actual form of which remains a mystery.

How old was the doctor during the Time War?

As such, it is entirely possible that the War Doctor was 1200 years old when the Time War started and that he ended it somewhere around 800 years old.

Does the 11th Doctor mention Rose?

Anyone? 11 has too mentioned Rose. Rose appeared in Let’s Kill Hitler (as did Martha Jones and Donna Noble) and 11 refers to Rose in The Wedding of River Song (“I could help Rose Tyler with her homework!)

Which doctor got the most views?

On October 20th 1979, when the Fourth Doctor was the key-holder of the old Type-40 TARDIS, Doctor Who received its largest ever audience for a broadcast episode.

Why did Tom Baker refuse to be in the five doctors?

The companion illusion cameos were last-minute additions to the script. Tom Baker didn’t appear in the story. He declined to return to his role as the Fourth Doctor, as he felt it was too soon after his departure from the show (a decision he later said he regretted).

How did the 6th doctor died?

The BBC Books Past Doctor Adventures novel Spiral Scratch proposes that the Sixth Doctor died as a result of his chronal energy being drained in a confrontation with a powerful pan-dimensional entity before being snared by the Rani’s beam.

Who is Georgia Moffett dad?

Peter Davison
Georgia Tennant/Fathers

How old was David Tennant when he started acting?

When he was about 3 or 4 years old, he decided to become an actor, inspired by his love of Doctor Who (… See full bio » David Tennant ‘s latest role in ” Good Omens ” casts him as a demon, but he’s also known for playing the iconic ” Doctor Who .”

Who was David Tennant’s father in law in doctor who?

David Tennant, 49, is joining up with his father-in-law Peter Davison, 69, to reprise their roles as the Time Lord. Davison played the Fifth Doctor in the early 80s, while Tennant was vote the ‘best Doctor of all time’ for his tenure as the Tenth Doctor between 2005 – 2010.

Why was Peter Davison asked to leave doctor who?

Davison, according to Digital Spy, was asked by the show’s producer, John Nathan-Turner, to stick around for another year. He declined, citing advice from his Doctor — more specifically, the second Doctor, acclaimed character actor Patrick Troughton.

Who is David Tennant married to in real life?

While the pair share in common that they have both played the Doctor, they are also family – Tennant is married to Davison’s daughter, Georgia. They are joining forces for the audio special, Out of Time: The Gates of Hell, which sees the two Doctors battling the Cybermen, cyborgs who are one of the many recurring nemeses of Doctor Who.

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