What happened in December 1941 near the Moscow?

What happened in December 1941 near the Moscow?

On December 5, 1941, fresh Soviet Siberian troops, prepared for winter warfare, attacked the German forces in front of Moscow; by January 1942, the Wehrmacht had been driven back 100 to 250 km (60 to 150 mi), ending the immediate threat to Moscow and marking the closest that Axis forces ever got to capturing the Soviet …

Who lost the battle of Moscow?

Battle of Moscow

Date October 2, 1941 – January 7, 1942
Location Moscow region, Russia
Result Strategic Soviet victory

How far did the Nazis get into Russia?

And despite the toughness of the Russian troops, and the number of tanks and other armaments at their disposal, the Red Army was disorganized, enabling the Germans to penetrate up to 300 miles into Russian territory within the next few days.

Why did Germany start the Battle of Moscow?

Hitler had ordered that units in other parts of the Russian campaign be moved to Moscow – General Hoepner’s IV Panzer group had been moved from Leningrad – hence why the Germans did not have sufficient men to launch an attack on the city and why it had to be besieged.

How far was Germany from Moscow?

And so, the Wehrmacht kept going long past the point of diminishing returns, inching forward until advanced German formations were ridiculously close to Moscow, just 10-12 miles. In getting there, however, the Germans had fought themselves down to the last man and tank.

Did Germans take Moscow in ww2?

Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion plan, called for the capture of Moscow within four months. On 15 July 1941, German forces captured Smolensk, an important stronghold on the road to Moscow. At this stage, although Moscow was vulnerable, an offensive against the city would have exposed the German flanks.

Did Russia defeat Germany in ww2?

In May 1945, the Red Army barreled into Berlin and captured the city, the final step in defeating the Third Reich and ending World War II in Europe.

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