What happened Pete Quaife?

What happened Pete Quaife?

He relocated to Belleville, Ontario in 1980, where he worked as a cartoonist and artist. He was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1998 and moved back to Denmark in 2005. Quaife died in June 2010 of kidney failure….

Pete Quaife
Labels Pye
Associated acts The Kinks, Mapleoak

Why did Peter Quaife leave the Kinks?

Mr. Quaife left the band for part of 1966 when he was injured in a car accident, but by 1969, after playing on the albums “The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society” and “Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire),” he quit for good. He was replaced by John Dalton. In interviews Mr.

How did Pete Quaife die?

Kidney failure
Pete Quaife/Cause of death

When did Peter Quaife die?

June 23, 2010
Pete Quaife/Date of death

Was Pete Quaife married?

Peter Alexander Greenlaw Quaife, musician: born Tavistock, Devon 31 December 1943; married (divorced; one daughter); died 23 June 2010.

Are any of the Kinks still alive?

Dave Davies, who played guitar for the Kinks, suffered a stroke in June 2004. “The amazing thing is that the Kinks are the only band of that period where the only original members are still alive,” he said.

When was Pete Quaife born?

December 31, 1943
Pete Quaife/Date of birth

Who has died from the Kinks?

Ian Gibbons
Ian Gibbons of The Kinks has passed away at the age of 67, his bandmates have confirmed. The keyboardist was praised for his “positive attitude”, following his death on Thursday (August 1) at his home.

Who are the owners of Quaife Engineering Ltd?

Quaife Engineering Ltd – Power Into Motion – Differentials, Transmissions, Gearkits…

Who was Pete Quaife and what did he do?

Quaife was an active amateur astronomer and was known as a capable astro-photographer who enjoyed the dark skies of The Bay of Quinte area in Ontario, Canada. He was a member of the RASC, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and encouraged many people in the science of astronomy.

Where did Eric Quaife live most of his life?

Quaife lived in Canada for more than two decades, but he moved back to Denmark in 2005 after his marriage ended in divorce, to live with his girlfriend Elisabeth Bilbo, whom he had known since she was a 19-year-old Kinks fan. At the time of his death, they had become engaged to marry.

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