What happened to grip it?

What happened to grip it?

In July 2019 Daykin resigned as a director of UK Building Products Limited and left the company. In November 2019 the company successfully filed for a voluntary insolvency. GripIt has since secured a license deal with Charles Bentley a global distributor based in Loughborough.

How much is GripIt worth?

Two years ago, he became the youngest person ever to get investment on Dragons’ Den, the BBC TV series. Today, his company, GripIt Fixings — which began in a garden shed when Jordan was just 13 — is worth an astonishing £10 million.

Who makes grip?

Charles Bentley & Son Ltd
Loughborough-based manufacturer Charles Bentley & Son Ltd has obtained the European license to manufacture and distribute Gripit the plasterboard fixing as well as the Marxman, professional marking tool, both backed by Dragon’s Den entrepreneur, Deborah Meaden.

Who invented Gripit?

Jordan Daykin
Gripit Fixings makes a product designed to fix heavy items to plasterboard. Its inventor, Jordan Daykin, was just 18 when he appeared on the programme.

How much was skinny tan sold for?

Having sold in excess of £2million, Skinny Tan has seen phenomenal growth since Louise Ferguson and Kate Cotton formed it in 2012.

How strong are grip Its?

The unique design makes GripIt the strongest plasterboard fixings available today! Holding extreme loads of up to 225kgs per fixing. The GripIt was originally invented by 74 year old Grandfather Stan Daykin and his Grandson Jordan Daykin at just the age of 13 when attempting to fit blinds in a house.

When did GripIt Fixings go on Dragons Den?

He came to prominence when he appeared on Dragons’ Den in 2014 and successfully secured an £80,000 investment for 25% of his company from one of the show’s stars, entrepreneur Deborah Meaden. By 2016, Gripit Fixings were stocked in more than 3,000 UK outlets and exported to 32 countries.

Who is on the brink of insolvency on Dragons Den?

A firm founded by the youngest entrepreneur to secure investment on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den is on the brink of insolvency, the BBC has learnt. Gripit Fixings makes a product designed to fix heavy items to plasterboard.

Who was the youngest person to win investment on Dragons Den?

A firm that received investment from Deborah Meaden on Dragons’ Den is at risk of collapse, it’s claimed. Jordan Daykin was the youngest entrepreneur to secure funding on the BBC business show when he was just 18.

When did GripIt come out in the UK?

Many DIYers had been trying to hang a curtain rails in bedrooms and across the home but struggled to find a plasterboard fixing that could do the job, despite numerous attempts. By 2012, with a product tested, refined and the patent secured, the first Gripit order from a national retailer was received.

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