What is a DRN hit?

What is a DRN hit?

For $20, a Digital Recognition Network (DRN) customer can look up any license plate in the United States. In addition to alerting the agents of flagged vehicles, these cameras passively scan every single car and license plate they pass and note the time and location.

What is DRN data?

DRN is the brainchild of Todd Hodnett, who grew up working for his father in the vehicle repossession industry. Today, DRN’s exclusive vehicle location data paired with analytics helps users build the full story of a vehicle’s location history and trends rather than simple location tracking alone.

What is a vehicle sighting report?

The Vehicle Sightings Report will display a picture of the vehicle at the time of the actual sighting, as well as exact date, time, and location (latitude/longitude with a link to maps).” You can search by full or partial license plate number and can add in a state if you know it.

Is there a repo database?

Repo men. Called the Digital Recognition Network, the database is crowdsourced by hundreds of repo men across the country. They have installed cameras in their vehicles that passively scan, capture and upload to the database the plates of every car they drive by. To date, there are 9 billion images in the database.

What is clear plan?

Clearplan is Software Built to Optimize Repossessions — We Help Thousands of Repossession Professionals Secure Collateral Faster. We give you tools that eliminate confusion and put your entire team on the same page.

How much does TLO cost?

TLO® online investigative systems is a data solutions provider that searches people, businesses, criminal records, courts, and assets. Searches cost $1 and reports $5.

How far away can a security camera read a license plate?

Most home security cameras will record number plate images up to a distance of around 25 feet – in other words, the average length of a standard driveway, but beyond that any clear identification is difficult.

How much is a clear plan?

How much does Clear (really) cost? The standard price for an annual Clear membership is $179. Unlike government programs such as TSA Precheck and Global Entry that offer several years of membership with a single fee, Clear’s fee is annual. On the surface, $179 is a huge price to pay for a little convenience.

What does DRN license plate recognition data do?

DRN’s realternative data – license plate recognition data paired with our powerful, exclusive analytics platform – helps build the full vehicle stories our users need to solve their portfolio management, collections, recovery and fraud challenges.

What should I do with my DRN data?

Focus your time and effort on vehicles at verified locations. Confirm addresses with our billions of license plate detections and intelligent data scoring, while staying up-to-date with automatic data refreshes, to successfully repossess more vehicles earlier on.

What can DRN technology do for your business?

DRN’s license plate recognition technology paired with our powerful, exclusive analytics platform – can help you find assignments faster, expand your business and generate more revenue. Real data, real analytics, real results.

What does it mean to be an affiliate of DRN?

As a DRN Affiliate, you are automatically entered into the DRN Revenue Share program. An added bonus to being a DRN Affiliate, you are paid a monthly revenue share bonus. The fastest way to dramatically increase your assignments and recoveries is to work with one of DRN’s approved Forwarders.

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