What is accolade in a sentence?

What is accolade in a sentence?

Definition of Accolade. an acknowledgement or an award. Examples of Accolade in a sentence. 1. When the police officer was offered the plaque, he refused to accept an accolade for doing his job.

What is an example of an accolade?

The definition of an accolade is something given to a person in order to praise or recognize the person or his accomplishment. An example of accolade would be a thumbs-up review of a play.

How do you use accolades?

Accolades sentence example

  1. The CEO received accolades for business success.
  2. The play received accolades from critics and audiences alike.
  3. The company walked off with the coveted accolades at the SC Magazine awards 2013 Europe.
  4. Within seven years of launching his design firm, Brown had racked up the accolades .

What is another way to describe sentence fluency?

Sentence fluency refers to the way individual words and phrases sound together within a sentence, and how groups of sentences sound when read one after the other. Excellent sentence fluency can make your writing sound more solid and cohesive, and lets the reader easily understand what you’re saying.

What is a great accolade?

1a : a mark of acknowledgment : award received the highest accolade of his profession. b : an expression of praise a movie that has drawn accolades from both fans and critics. 2a : a ceremonial embrace. b : a ceremony or salute conferring knighthood.

How do you use accolade in a simple sentence?

Accolade sentence example

  1. It was the biggest accolade in the industry.
  2. The New York awards are the media industry’s highest accolade .
  3. Surely he now has earned the accolade “master.”
  4. Despite having won this industry accolade , I have absolutely no intention of resting on my laurels.

How do you say thank you for accolades?

I’m glad the project was a success and I enjoyed being part of it.” “Thank you so much! I appreciate your recognition. I had a great time working on the project and with the team.”

Can you give someone accolades?

You can only give accolades to players who aren’t your friends.

What is fluency and examples?

Fluency is defined as the ability to speak or write a language. An example of fluency is being able to speak French. noun.

What are the three components of writing fluency?

Text or passage reading fluency is generally defined as having three components: accuracy, rate, and prosody (or expression).

Does accolade mean?

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