What is ageratum Conyzoides used for?

What is ageratum Conyzoides used for?

conyzoides is used to treat fever, rheumatism, headache, colic, wounds caused by burns, dyspepsia, eye problem, uterine disorders and pneumonia. While in Kenya East Africa, it is used in traditional medicine for antiasthmatic, antispasmodic and haemostatic effects (Sharma and Sharma 2001; Okunade 2002).

What is the English name of ageratum Conyzoides?

billy goat weed
(billy goat weed)

How do you control ageratum Conyzoides?

Ageratum conyzoides can be readily controlled when young by hand pulling or hoeing. Seedlings and young stages readily controlled by 2,4-D, MCPA and other growth regulators that are used on cereal crops. A. conyzoides has been reported to have medicinal and bioherbicidal applications (Xuan et al., 2004).

How do you identify ageratum Conyzoides?

Ageratum conyzoides (billygoat-weed, chick weed, goatweed, whiteweed, mentrasto) is native to Tropical America, especially Brazil, and is an invasive weed in many other regions. It is an herb that is 0.5–1 m. high, with ovate leaves 2–6 cm long, and flowers are white to mauve.

Is Ageratum poisonous to humans?

Not to mention, ageratum is one of the truest blue annuals you can find! However, all parts of this plant are poisonous if ingested, so site ageratum carefully if you have small children and pets around.

How do you identify Ageratum?

heads forming dense, nearly flat-topped, clusters of small (1/4”dia.) blue, white or pink flowers. bedding; edging; foreground; containers. Ageratum is a good blue-flowered annual.

Is ageratum poisonous to humans?

Is ageratum Conyzoides edible?

Ageratum conyzoides (Linn) belongs to the family of Asteraceae. It is an erect branching annual herb with shallow, fibrous roots. conyzoides, one of the neglected edible vegetable necessitated this present study.

Should I deadhead ageratum?

AGERATUM VARIETIES Spent flowers are covered by emerging new blooms, so no deadheading is needed.

Is ageratum native to USA?

Commonly called mistflower, this late summer to fall-blooming herbaceous perennial is native to the Eastern United States. It looks like the annual ageratum and in that regard is sometimes commonly called hardy ageratum.

What colors do Ageratum come in?

The flowers on this tender annual come mostly in shades of blue but can be pink, lavender or white. Ageratum is one of the few annuals with a truly blue flower. The soft fuzzy flowers are dainty and feathery, often delightfully fragrant, and usually completely cover the plants.

What is the family of ageratum Conyzoides?

Daisy family
Ageratum conyzoides/Family

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