What is Aquarius moon attracted to?

What is Aquarius moon attracted to?

If Your Moon or Venus are in Aquarius – You’re attracted to a woman who is independent, free-spirited and can be your friend. It’s important to you that she be intellectually interesting, opened minded and willing to try doing things she’s never done before.

Are Aquarius moons emotional?

Those with the Moon in Aquarius seem to have access to the mysteries of the universe through their inner lives. Their emotional detachment keeps them cool in crises but can make them as remote as a distant galaxy.

What do Aquarius moons look like?

People born with the moon in Aquarius can have a distinctive, angular jawline. The Aquarius face-shape is often heart shaped with a noticeable jaw.

Is Aquarius moon romantic?

Aquarius Moons are usually quite romantic and expressive when it comes to sharing their feelings – not always verbally, but in gentle, subtle gestures that tell you how they feel. Indeed, they are very sensitive and value their emotions, often saying that their feelings are as important as their mental judgement .

What do Aquarius moons do?

About Aquarius Moons Aquarius Moons have the ability to discern things objectively without being swayed by emotions. This, however, is precisely how an Aquarius Moon attracts abundance into their life. They can turn their fortune around by openly being who they are, instead of trying to fit in.

What happens when Moon is in Aquarius?

When the Moon is in Aquarius Aquarians are social butterflies, making friends and influencing people wherever they go. The Aquarius Moon could also have you feeling a little but more rebellious and spontaneous than usual. You may crave freedom and a distraction from your everyday life.

What is wrong with Aquarius moon?

Challenges: Aquarius is one of the least emotional signs, so Aquarius Moons can be quite detached. They may have trouble dealing with deep emotions and empathizing with others. In relationships, they may forget to make their partners feel loved and special.

What does the Moon in Aquarius mean for Aquarius?

If you were born with the Moon in Aquarius The Moon in Aquarius is an oddity because the Moon is about our gut instincts, our moods, and how we respond to things emotionally. The paradox here is that Aquarius is an Air sign which means it’s more concerned with mental functions than the messiness of human emotion.

Are Aquarius Moons smart?

Lunar Aquarians are very smart people, they are highly intellectual and they just have a lot of knowledge on many different subjects. Like all air moons they aren’t the best with feelings and kind of are just confused and a bit irritated with emotional people and just don’t see the logic in being emotional.

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