What is CONVENIA injection used for in cats?

What is CONVENIA injection used for in cats?

Convenia is used in cats to treat skin and soft tissue infections, such as wounds and abscesses. It is also used in cats to treat urinary tract infections caused by certain specific bacteria.

Can CONVENIA kill my cat?

Peak blood levels are seen within 2.0 hours in cats and 6.2 hours in dogs. This means that Convenia can start killing the bacteria quickly. However, based on the severity of the infection, your veterinarian is best able to predict when a difference in the skin is likely.

How much CONVENIA do cats need?

Cats. CONVENIA should be administered as a single, one-time subcutaneous injection at a dose of 3.6 mg/lb (8 mg/kg) body weight. After an injection of CONVENIA, therapeutic concentrations are maintained for approximately 7 days for Pasteurella multocida infections.

Is CONVENIA good for cats?

CONVENIA is the best choice for treating common bacterial skin infections in dogs and cats of all sizes.

How much does a Convenia injection cost?

While the cost of a two week supply of an oral cephalosporin and a single injection of Convenia is similar for cats and small dogs, a Convenia injection for a big dog can easily run over $100 dollars.

Is Convenia safe?

Based on the safety and efficacy studies CONVENIA injectable for dogs and cats when used under label conditions is safe and effective.

Is Convenia good for upper respiratory infections in cats?

She touches on the use of antibiotics and also reminds us that long-acting antibiotics (such as cefovecin sodium—Convenia®) are ineffective against Mycoplasma, a common agent in feline upper respiratory disease.

How long is Convenia good for?

This updated label extends the in-use shelf life of Convenia once the vial has been reconstituted from 28 days to 56 days. Since its introduction in 2008, veterinarians have trusted Convenia to deliver 100 percent compliance with a single injection.

Is convenia safe?

How long does it take for Convenia to work in cats?

In most cases, you should notice a marked improvement by day 10 after the Convenia injection. If your cat is not peeing normally after 14 days, take her back to the veterinarian for further treatment. It is best to ask your veterinarian how soon he expects to see results in your pet at the time that he administers the initial injection.

Is Metacam safe to give with Convenia?

No, we should not give Metacam together with another NSAID. However, none of the other drugs that Rio had (Convenia and Amoxypen) were NSAIDS. These are both antibiotics. They are both safe to be given with Metacam and with each other.

CONVENIA is fast acting, safe, and effective. One shot, administered by a veterinarian, lasts up to 14 days,and works quickly to treat common bacterial skin infections in dogs and cats. Beside this, what are the side effects of Convenia in cats?

What is Convenia shot?

Convenia shots are what the shelter kitties receive when they have URIs or infections…. Convenia can be used for several different things, and generally is pretty effective. Usually though it’s given b/c of owner preference (much easier to give one shot than have to give a difficult med taker pills for 1-2 weeks).

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