What is eye link?

What is eye link?

The EyeLink 1000 Plus is the world’s most precise and accurate video-based eye tracker, sampling binocularly at up to 2000 Hz. This versatility facilitates eye-tracking across a wide range of experimental setups and participant groups, from infants to the elderly and non-human species too.

What is eye-tracking in research?

Eye tracking allows researchers to study the movements of a participant’s eyes during a range of activities. This gives insight into the cognitive processes underlying a wide variety of human behavior and can reveal things such as learning patters and social interaction methods.

Is eye-tracking bad for eyes?

Tobii Eye Tracking devices are using near-infrared illumination to create reflections on the eyes that can be tracked with high accuracy. Light emission that meets this standard is not harmful to the human eye. …

Is eye-tracking software accurate?

Accuracy and Precision of Gaze Tracking Accuracy is often reported by manufacturers to be < 0.5°. However, in particular for remote eye trackers, offset from the true gaze point is often found to be larger than 1° [5, 30], even in controlled environments.

How much does an eye tracker cost?

The average eye tracker price is around $17,500 but there is a large amount of variation.

What is a remote eye tracker?

Remote eye-tracking is well-suited for measuring gaze behaviour of participants looking at a screen (either computer, television, projection, tablet, etc.). For this type of eye-tracking participants do not have to wear a pair of glasses.

How accurate is the Tobii eye tracker?

For example the Tobii X2-30 was specified with an accuracy of 0.4° and precision (SD) of 0.26°35, but an independent evaluation estimated an accuracy and precision (SD) of 2.5 and 1.9°, respectively36.

What is eye gaze in autism?

Eyes have it: Gaze patterns in young children with autism may track with the severity of their autism traits. hiphotos35 / istock. The gaze of children as young as 16 months may help predict whether they have autism and reveal finer-grained details, such as their verbal and social abilities.

Why is eye-tracking so expensive?

There are many factors that drive the price of eye tracking hardware – usability, flexibility, support, compatibility with advanced modules (e.g. scene camera, multi-display, cognitive workload, etc.). In most (though not all) cases the higher end systems make use of more precise data to offer a more robust solution.

Is Tobii eye-tracking worth it?

Yes, the Windows functionality of the Tobii Eye Tracker is convenient, and works better than the previous version I tested. But where it really shines is in gaming. There’s a solid line-up of games supporting Tobii Eye Tracking, and the effect it has is so awesome it makes it hard to go back.

What kind of eye tracker does SR research use?

SR Research manufactures the EyeLink eye trackers, which can be integrated with a wide range of other devices. Our eye trackers are used in top laboratories around the world and are renowned for their exceptional levels of accuracy and precision and their high sampling speeds.

Is the Eyelink eye tracker used for medical purposes?

EyeLink ® eye trackers are intended for research purposes only and should not be used in the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition. Copyright © 2018 SR Research Ltd. All Rights Reserved. EyeLink is a registered trademark of SR Research Ltd.

How do video-based eye trackers actually work?

All SR Research EyeLink systems employ video-based eye-tracking, as do most other commercially available eye trackers. So how do video-based eye trackers actually work? At the heart of all video-based eye tracking is a camera (or cameras) that takes a series of images of the eye.

How are eye trackers used in academic research?

EyeLink ®. EyeLink eye trackers are the gold standard for academic research. Our eye trackers are used in thousands of labs for a wide range of research scenarios.

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