What is faster than a GT500?

What is faster than a GT500?

The Taycan being quicker than the GT500 seems especially impressive to us, even if judging vehicles by their specs on paper doesn’t necessarily translate to real-world lap times. The Porsche has 616 horsepower (670 hp when using launch control) and 626 pound-feet, while weighing 5,132 pounds.

Is Shelby better than Mustang?

While the Shelby vehicles are the true pinnacle of performance, the Ford Mustang GT is certainly no slouch. Its 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 produces 460 horsepower, and it is available with many of the performance upgrades that come standard on the Shelby GT models.

Is a Shelby faster than a Mustang?

2020 Ford Mustang GT vs. Shelby Power Designed for racing speed, the Mustang Shelby models are even more powerful. The Shelby GT350 features a bigger 5.2-liter V8 rated for 526 horses and 429 pound-feet of torque. For more in high-performance speed, check out the Shelby GT500.

Is a Mustang faster than a Tesla?

Tesla EV was able to cover the same distance in 7.97 seconds at a speed of 247.83 kmph. There was a second race as well, where numbers were close to the first one. The Mustang covered the distance in 7.66 seconds at 259.01 kmph speed, while Model AS Plaid covered the same in 7.68 seconds at 249.75 kmph.

Can a Shelby GT500 beat a BMW M8?

A new video from the DragTimes YouTube channel pits the two against each other and shows BMW’s new M8 challenge the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in a quarter-mile drag race. The two cars square off four times on the quarter-mile track, each time with the same result — neither able to outpace the other.

What kind of car is the Shelby GT500?

Ford’s new sports car, the Shelby Mustang GT500, has hit the market — and it’s being put to the test against other vehicles in head-to-head competitions. So far, the GT500’s raw power has been enough to make it almost unbeatable in races with comparable sports cars.

Can a Ford Mustang catch up to a GT500?

While the race features moments where it seems like the M8 will leave the GT500 in the dust, the Mustang just barely catches up. Each time, the M8’s handling allows its driver to hold the lead through most of the track, right up until the end.

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