What is handily mean?

What is handily mean?

1 : in a dexterous manner. 2 : easily defeated the other candidate handily. 3 : conveniently nearby.

Is it handily or handedly?

Handily is the standard term.

What does it mean to be handy?

1 : very useful or helpful a handy tool. 2 : within easy reach Keep a towel handy. 3 : clever or skillful especially with the hands He’s handy with a paintbrush.

What does being high handed mean?

: having or showing no regard for the rights, concerns, or feelings of others : arbitrary, overbearing. Other Words from high-handed Synonyms & Antonyms Learn More About high-handed.

How do you use handily in a sentence?

without assistance. 1 She has, almost single-handedly, realigned British politics. 2 She brought up three children single-handedly. 3 She single-handedly saved the town from disaster.

Can you say first handedly?

First-hand is an alternative way to spell firsthand. It means the same thing and can be used in all the same situations. British writers appear to prefer first-hand, while Americans use firsthand. As you can see, Americans prefer firsthand, while the British prefer first-hand.

Is free handedly a word?

freehanded. Characterized by bounteous giving: free, generous, handsome, lavish, liberal, munificent, openhanded, unsparing, unstinting.

Can a person be handy?

The definition of handy is a useful or readily available person or thing, or a person who is skilled with using their hands. An example of handy is a person who’s able to fix anything; a handy man.

What does red rag to a bull mean?

very angry
Definition of a red rag to a bull —used of something that makes a person very angry Just mentioning his poor marks to him was like a red rag to a bull.

Which is the best definition of the word handily?

Definition of handily 1 : in a dexterous manner 2 : easily defeated the other candidate handily 3 : conveniently nearby

Where can I get food that is handily available?

‘Practically any type of food is handily available, accompanied by expert preparation and service, if you don’t feel like cooking.’ ‘You can head over to this website, where somebody has handily enough put together an accessible version of it.’

Where is handily in Yorkshire and East Lancashire?

Being situated equidistant to junctions 24 and 25 of the the property is handily located for those wishing to commute to the major trading centres of Yorkshire and East Lancashire.

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