What is intensification in psychology?

What is intensification in psychology?

Psychological intensification is used to guard against incurring the detrimental effects of fatigue. It stops complacency, loss of control, and loss of focus by requiring thought content and the intensity of thinking to gradually increase as fatigue develops.

What is gender intensification in psychology?

The gender intensification hypothesis, proposed by Hill and Lynch (1983), states that beginning in adolescence, girls and boys face increased pressure to conform to culturally sanctioned gender roles.

How do gender roles affect teenagers?

For girls, those risks can include child marriage, pregnancy, leaving school early, sexually transmitted infections and exposure to violence. Boys suffer, too, from increased risk of substance abuse, suicide and shorter life expectancy than women – especially if they try to challenge masculine norms.

What is gender role flexibility?

Gender role flexibility has been conceptualized as a multi-dimensional construct that consists of attitudes, self-perceptions, and behaviors. Gender role flexibility can be defined as the transcendence of traditionally gender-typed traits, roles, and behaviors in the judgment of others and the self.

What is the concept of intensification?

An intensification is an increase in strength or magnitude (or intensity). Agricultural intensification is an increase of productivity per acre. The intensification of a conflict, as in a war, usually means an increase in fighting.

What is the goal of gender role transcendence?

Define Gender Role Transcendence. The abandoning of gender schema or becoming “gender aschematic” so that personality traits, social and occupational roles, and other aspects of our life become divorced from gender categories.

What is the impact of gender roles?

More critically, researchers say, gender roles are learned at an early age through socialization with caregivers at home, school and elsewhere—and that can amplify health and cultural problems as boys and girls grow into adulthood.

How do parents influence gender roles?

Parents provide children with their first lessons about gender. Possible ways that parents might influence children’s gender development include role modeling and encouraging different behaviours and activities in sons and daughters.

Does gender play a role in flexibility?

By gender, females (X = 22.82 cm) were more flexible than males (X = 21.46 cm). Finally, as reported in the literature consulted, the results of this study found that average flexibility decreases with age.

What is role flexibility?

Role flexibility is the culture of multiple roles performed by each individual in the team. The team members are responsible for proving their flexibility and time management.

Which is the best definition of the word intensification?

The lack of a clear, agreed-upon definition for the word “intensification” was explored in P. Campsie, The Social Consequences of Planning Talk: A Case Study in Urban Intensification (Toronto: Centre for Urban and Community Studies, 1995), Research Paper 190. 4. See Regional Municipality of York.

What is the third definition of intensification in Ontario?

This third definition is the one used by the Ontario government. Intensification is promoted as a way to achieve several benefits.

Is the meaning of intensification fixed or variable?

Although intensification is a commonly used term, its meaning is not fixed. 3 Appendix A provides some examples of different approaches to defining and measuring intensification from British Columbia, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

How is residential intensification used in growth management?

Residential intensification–moving the focus of new residential development from peripheral farmland to existing built places–is a key element in most growth management efforts.

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