What is mecha station the 100?

What is mecha station the 100?

The Ark (also known as “Ark Station” or the “United Ark Federation”) was an orbiting space station that served as the home of the Arkers. The Arkers are descendants of those who escaped the Nuclear Apocalypse on Earth 97 years before the events of the series.

How many stations are in the 100?

The 100 realize they are not the only ones on earth and they quickly adapt to their new home. 97 years after a devastating nuclear war wiped out almost all life on Earth, humankind is living in space, residing in twelve space stations.

What happened to Arkadia?

Arkadia, formerly known as Camp Jaha, was the home-base of the Sky People. The camp is built around the crashed Alpha Station after it was brought down to Earth along with the other stations of The Ark. In The Chosen, Arkadia was destroyed by Praimfaya.

What were the 12 nations of the ark?

The twelve stations came from the following nations, as shown on the Unity Day episode in season 1:

  • Australia.
  • Brazil.
  • Canada.
  • China (Shenzhen)
  • France.
  • India.
  • Japan.
  • Russia (Mir-3)

Is Raven dead in the 100?

However, her death marked a huge turning point for the show. She was killed along with the rest of Mount Weather when Clarke and Bellamy flushed radiation through the facility.

Will there be Season 8 of the 100?

‘The 100’ is ending at The CW in 2020: There will be no Season 8 for the sci-fi drama — get details. It will premiere at 8pm ET.

What are the 13 clans in the 100?

The thirteen clans of the Coalition were:

  • Trikru.
  • Azgeda.
  • Floukru.
  • Sangedakru.
  • Yujleda.
  • Boudalan.
  • Trishanakru.
  • Podakru.

Who kills pike on the 100?

As the throne room is overwhelmed, Pike saves Octavia’s life, but is overpowered. As things seem hopeless, Clarke pulls the kill switch and destroys A.L.I.E. , restoring everyone to normal. In the aftermath, Octavia stabs Pike to death with her sword in revenge for Lincoln’s death to the shock of everyone else.

How many people died in the culling on the ark?

During this meeting, he elected former Chancellor Diana Sydney to take Abby’s place on the council. This eventually led to Sydney’s failed coup in Unity Day that left the Ark further crippled and resulted in the deaths of around 1,500 Ark citizens, according to Kane in The Calm.

How many people from the Ark made it to the ground?

Throughout the Series After the Ark’s resources began dwindling faster than projected, 100 delinquents were sent to Earth to see if it was survivable. Chancellor Jaha mentioned in Contents Under Pressure that there were 2237 people on The Ark, but they only have enough Exodus ships for 700 to get to Earth.


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