What is SIP INFO message?

What is SIP INFO message?

The purpose of the INFO message is to carry application level information along the SIP signaling path. The INFO method is not used to change the state of SIP calls, or the parameters of the sessions SIP initiates. It merely sends optional application layer information, generally related to the session.

What does a SIP message contain?

For call setup, the body of a SIP message contains a Session Description Protocol (SDP) data unit, which specifies the media format, codec and media communication protocol.

What is SIP contact header?

The “Contact” header field provides a single SIP URI that can be used to contact the sender of the INVITE for subsequent requests. The Contact header field MUST be present and contain exactly one SIP URI in any request that can result in the establishment of a dialog – in this case, specifically a SIP INVITE.

What are the mandatory headers in SIP?

The Call-ID header field is mandatory in all SIP requests and responses. It is used to uniquely identify a call between two user agents. A Call-ID must be unique across calls. All registrations for a user agent should use the same Call-ID.

What is SIP DTMF?

DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-frequency) are signals/tones that are sent when you press a telephone’s touch keys. Typically with VoIP DMTF tones are delivered either in-band (as a beep) or out-of-band via SIP or RTP signaling messages.

What is paid header in SIP?

< From RFC 3325 9.1 The P-Asserted-Identity Header > The P-Asserted-Identity header field is used among trusted SIP entities (typically intermediaries) to carry the identity of the user sending a SIP message as it was verified by authentication.

How do I check DTMF?

Select the RFC2833 RTP event to check the details. It’s pretty straight forward. If you output the audio, the RFC2833 RTP doesn’t have any sound. It is the actual sound of the DTMF.

What is reverse DTMF?

reverse DTMF is basically when you call out to a number and the far end user has to press 1 to accept the call. That 1 is not making it back to you so the call never completes.

Is the SIP ACK response to SIP 200 OK message valid?

Our side is sending ACK to the IP address mentioned in the Record-Route but it is replacing the “Contact” header with “Route” header and other side is not honoring our ACK and sending us repeated 200 OK which results into call disconnection.

When to use contact header field in SIP?

For example, a UAC that sends an INVITE request then a CANCEL request can tell by the method in the CSeq of a 200 OK response if it is a response to the invitation or cancellation request. The Contact header field is used to convey the other user about the address of the request originator.

What is the format of a SIP message?

The SIP messages start with the S tart-line, which is followed by a number of header fields in the format name:value. A n empty line separates the header fields from the optional message body. As the SIP is a textual protocol, with just a little practice with Wireshark or a similar tool, it is not that difficult to analyze the massages.

What does a SIP response look like on user2?

Here is what the SIP response of user2 will look like. The first line in a response is called Status line. Here SIP version is 2, Status-Code is 200 and Reason Phrase is OK. The header fields that follow the status line are similar to those in a request.

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