What is the 10 meter calling frequency?

What is the 10 meter calling frequency?

28.0-28.5 MHz
10 meters is unique—the band from 28.0-28.5 MHz being where all licensed US radio amateurs from Novice through Extra Class have voice and digital mode privileges.

What is the calling frequency on 20 meters?

20 Meters (14.0-14.35 MHz)

14.070-14.095 RTTY
14.100 NCDXF Beacons
14.1005-14.112 Packet
14.230 SSTV
14.286 AM calling frequency

What are the ft8 frequencies?


Frequencies 3.573 MHz,7.074 MHz,10.136 MHz,14.074 MHz,24.915 MHz,50.323 MHz,70.1 MHz,144.174 MHz,1.84 MHz,18.1 MHz,21.074 MHz,28.074 MHz,50.313 MHz
Frequency Range 1.84 MHz – 144.174 MHz
Mode USB
Modulation GFSK

Which is the 15 meter radio frequency band?

The 15-meter band (also called the 21-MHz band or 15 meters) is an amateur radio frequency band spanning the shortwave spectrum from 21 to 21.45 MHz. The band is suitable for amateur long-distance communications, and such use is permitted in nearly all countries.

Is the 15 meter band a DX Band?

The 15 meter band is considered a DX band (i.e., used for long-distance communications).

What are the calling frequencies on a ham radio?

50.260 WSJT Calling Frequency 1 120 PSK31 (FM) 2 560 – 52.980 FM Repeater Outputs 53.000 – 53.020 FM Simplex 53.040 – 53.480 FM Repeater Inputs 3 600 Remote Control 53.700 Remote Control 53.800 Remote Control 53.900 FM Simplex. 2M QRP CW Calling Freq —-144.060 2M PSK

Which is the repeater input frequency 146.40 MHz?

Notes: The frequency 146.40 MHz is used in some areas as a repeater input. This band plan has been proposed by the ARRL VHF-UHF Advisory Committee. Note: The 222 MHz band plan was adopted by the ARRL Board of Directors in July 1991. Repeater inputs 25 MHz split paired with those in 927.000-927.075 or Weak signal

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