What is the 3 month pack of Sun Direct?

What is the 3 month pack of Sun Direct?

Sun Direct 3 Months Plans and Packages

Operator Amount Plan Name
Sun Direct 659 SD – Malayalam DPO Pack 2
Sun Direct 899 SD – Tamil DPO Pack 3
Sun Direct 910 SD – Telugu DPO Pack 3
Sun Direct 909 SD – Kannada DPO Pack 3

How can I recharge my Sun Direct offer?

How To Make Sun Direct Recharge Online

  1. Open the MobiKwik app or website and tap on the recharge and bill payment section.
  2. Opt for DTH.
  3. Select Videocon D2h as your standard operator.
  4. Mention your customer ID.
  5. Select any recharge plan from all the given packages or enter the recharge amount to make your recharge for.

How do I recharge my Sun TV?

For convenient and comfortable recharging of your Sun Direct HD connection, take your mobile phone and simply log on to JustRechargeIt.com, an online portal available round the clock, to offer you mobile phone, DTH as well as Data card recharging services.

How can I recharge my Sun Direct for 7 months?

Instantly recharge your ‘Sun Direct DTH ‘ following these easy steps with assured security. Go to ‘Online DTH Recharge’ page from our site and select your operator, enter your subscriber-id and chose your dearest plan clicking on ‘view plans’ then enter your email-id to proceed further.

What is the cost of Sun Direct per month?

Sun Direct DTH Recharge Plans & Packages

Sun Direct DTH Plans Validity Price Rs. (Excl. GST)
Tamil DPO Pack 2 1 Month Rs. 194.91
Tamil DPO Pack 3 1 Month Rs. 278.81
South DPO Pack 4 1 Month Rs. 419.49
HD ROI DPO Pack 1 1 Month Rs. 322.03

How can I pay my DTH bill?

Enter your DTH id or your registered name. Select your DTH operator….Airtel DTH online recharge via the website:

  1. Visit the website and log in.
  2. Select ‘DTH’
  3. Enter which your DTH operator.
  4. Enter your account number.
  5. Enter the amount for DTH recharge.
  6. Now, click on proceed and complete the payment.

What is the cost of Sun Direct set top box?

Benefits of upgrading your Set Top Box to HD

Sun Direct Price
SD to SD+ (Video Recording) Box Rs. 499
SD to HD Box Rs. 699
Visiting Charges Rs. 150
Total Up gradation Charges = Box Price + Visiting Charges

Where can I buy a Sun Direct recharge voucher?

Customers can buy a recharge voucher from a Sun Direct outlet and use their 12 digit Smart Card number to redeem the RCV online. Customers can visit the following site for recharging their Sun Direct Account. https://oea.sundirect.in:5369/web/topup.aspx

Which is the best site to pay for Sun Direct TV?

If you are looking for effortless and ingenious online payment site, recharge 1 is the one who has all it. As of now you don’t need to visit on shop for information on the current & latest channel and packs to recharge your Sun Direct TV service. We are the most sorted option for making Sun Direct TV Recharge online payment.

How to recharge the Sun Direct in Google Pay?

Log in to your Sun Direct account with your RMN/SMC/CR-ID. Then tap on Subscription Packs then select your Add package from Ala-Carte and Broadcaster Bouquets, then select the package you wish to avail, visit the payment page. You can also recharge Sun Direct via SMS. 2. How to recharge the sun directly in google pay?

Do you have to recharge your DTH account every month?

Recharge your account instantly and enjoy uninterrupted TV experience. Welcome ! Account Expires: Please select month. Please select amount. Please select amount. Welcome ! Account Expires: Please select month.

How much is Sun Direct monthly Telugu pack?

Sun Direct Telugu Super Pack Price

Package Name Total Channels Price
Sun Direct Telugu Super Pack – 1 Month 103 ₹287.29

What are the packages in Sun Direct?

English Jodi Pack. 13 Channels. rs101.69. PER MONTH.

  • Hindi Jodi Pack. 10 Channels. rs92.37.
  • Hindi Movie Jodi Pack. 13 Channels. rs46.61.
  • Kannada Jodi Pack. 9 Channels. rs50.85.
  • Malayalam Jodi Pack. 8 Channels. rs38.14.
  • Odia Jodi Pack. 8 Channels. rs41.53.
  • Tamil Jodi Pack. 12 Channels. rs42.37.
  • Telugu Jodi Pack. 15 Channels. rs66.95.
  • Which is best DTH?

    List of Top 6 Best DTH In India You Can Consider

    • DD Direct Plus or DD Free Dish.
    • TATA Sky.
    • Airtel Digital TV.
    • DishTV.
    • D2H.
    • Zing Digital.
    • Sun Direct.
    • JIO DTH.

    Can I recharge Sun Direct for 3 days?

    Sun Direct recharge plans for 3 month Sun Direct recharge plan for 3 month is available in the various recharge packs to the users.

    What is the price of Zee Telugu pack?

    ZEE Prime Telugu Pack Prices & Offers

    Pack Name Price Validity
    ZEE Prime Telugu Rs. 20 1 month

    How do I know my Sun Direct Plan?

    To check your Sun Direct DTH Account Balance and Status give a missed call to 7094012345 from your registered mobile number. You’ll receive an SMS with details like remaining account balance, package details, monthly cost, last recharge etc, shortly after disconnecting the call.

    How much is Sun Direct monthly?

    Which is the best Sun Direct recharge plan?

    Sun Direct Recharge Plans List Sun Direct Plans & Packs Benefit of the Plan Sun Direct Recharge Price Sun Direct Tamil DPO 2 78 Channels ₹144.92 Sun Direct Telugu DPO 2A 91 Channels ₹220.34 Sun Direct Telugu Super 104 Channels ₹287.29 Sun Direct Tamil DPO 3 102 Channels ₹247.46

    How to recharge Sun Direct ETV in India?

    You can connect with Sun Direct customer care at 1800 123 7575 to recharge Sun Direct ETV. Sun Direct is counted to be one of the best DTH service providers in the… The invention of the television was an integral part of the country since it allowed… There are many DTH service providers in India, amongst all Airtel DTH is one of…

    How to recharge your sun direct DPO account?

    Visit the ‘Online DTH Recharge’ page from the official Sun Direct website and log in to your account. Enter the subscriber ID, select your plan from View Plans, enter your email ID, and proceed further. 4. What is the Sun Direct DPO pack?

    How to make Sun Direct online recharge on Paytm?

    You can easily make Sun Direct online recharge at Paytm.com and Paytm mobile app. All you have to do is follow these simple steps- 1. Go to Sun Direct Recharge page on Paytm 2. Enter your Smart Card Number. To view your Smart Card Number, remove your smart card from the set-up box.


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