What is the code for background color in HTML?

What is the code for background color in HTML?

HTML | bgcolor Attribute The HTML bgcolor Attribute is used to define a Background color of a Document. Attribute Values: color_name: It specify the name of the Background color of the Document.

What is the HTML code for colors?

#0000FF – This HTML color code shows just blue and no red and green. #FFFF00 – This HTML color code is a mixture of red and green colors defined as yellow….HTML Hex Color Codes.

LIME #00FF00 RGB(0, 255, 0)
AQUA #00FFFF RGB(0, 255, 255)
TEAL #008080 RGB(0, 128, 128)
NAVY #000080 RGB(0, 0, 128)

How do you color the background of text in HTML?

Defining HTML Colors This means you need to use the style attribute in the opening tag you wish to add HTML color to. You may use the color property to change the color of your text, or background-color to change the color of the background. Both of these properties take color names, RGB, RGBA, HEX, HSL or HSLA values.

What is the HTML code for white background?

The background for the page will be white (the bgcolor attribute, “#ffffff” is the hex code for white), the text (the text value, “#000000”, is the hex code for black) will be black, links (the link attribute) will be blue, and visited links (the vlink attribute) will be red.

What is #000 color?

The color black with hexadecimal color code #000000 / #000 is a very dark shade of gray. In the RGB color model #000000 is comprised of 0% red, 0% green and 0% blue.

What is yellow in HTML?

#FFFF00 (Yellow) HTML Color Code.

How do I set the background color in HTML?

Setting a Solid Background Color Find your document’s “html” header. It should be near the top of the document. Add the “background-color” property to the “body” element. Type background-color: between the body brackets. Add your desired background color to the “background-color” property.

How to add color as background in HTML?

How to Set Background Color in HTML Method 1 of 4: Preparing to Edit Your HTML. Determine the background color you want to use. Method 2 of 4: Setting a Solid Background Color. Find your document’s “html” header. Method 3 of 4: Creating a Gradient Background. Find your document’s “html” header. Method 4 of 4: Creating a Changing Background. Find your document’s “html” header.

What are HTML background codes?

Background Code. This page contains HTML background code. That is, code that defines the way that your website’s background is displayed in a web browser. Here are some examples of applying background code to an HTML document. The quickest way to set your background is to use the CSS background property.

What is HTML background color tag?

A color tag is an HTML element which specifies the color of something, such as text, a border, or a background. The use of the color tag in HTML is largely deprecated in favor of using stylesheets, but most browsers will recognize color tags when they are used in the HTML on a page.

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