What is the difference between Speedplay pedals?

What is the difference between Speedplay pedals?

Key differences include: Triple sealed needle/cartidge bearings — lower maintenance with no need for additional grease. Revised pedal body for increased durability (steel ring/cap/halo encircles whole pedal surface) 15mm wrench flats removed — sleeker aesthetic and easier installation via hex/allen key.

Will Speedplay Zero cleats work with X pedals?

FYI – there is a disclaimor on the Speedplay website that X series cleats are not compatible with Zero pedals and also that Zero cleats are not compatible with X-series pedals!

Are Speedplay pedals interchangeable?

The cleats are not interchangeable between the 2. There are different price points each of them where the cleats are the same. The Speedplay website should be helpful.

Why are Speedplay pedals better?

The big benefit of Speedplay pedals, which you will definitely notice, is the amount of float: 15 degrees, and the cleat doesn’t try to centre itself either. You can align your foot however if feels most comfortable. This could be a godsend to cyclists with gammy knees.

What are the lightest Speedplay pedals?

Speedplay comes in at 205 grams and 150 grams for Titanium version. These were the lightest pedals on the market, at the time. However, the gap between the weight of Speedplay and Look has been reduced with the introduction of new models like the Look Keo.

What’s the difference between Speedplay X and zero?

Difference between Speedplay X and Speedplay Zero. The Speedplay Zero, are essentially the same as the X series, but you can control the amount of float, offering more adjustability than the Zero, which are always set to maximum float. With the X, I always end up brushing against the side of the cranks.

What kind of axle does Wahoo Speedplay zero have?

It is a dual-sided pedal and uses a stainless-steel axle. Claimed weight is 222 grams per pair. This pedal comes with a standard-release tension cleat. The Zero is the only pedal that comes in more than one axle length. The standard option is 53mm—the same as the other three pedals—but it’s also available with 56-, 59-, and 65mm axles.

How are Speedplay X pedals different from other pedals?

Compared to every other clipless pedal of the time (and still pretty much true today), the Speedplay X pedals were very different: The round “lollipop” platform allowed for dual-sided entry. And entry was relatively easy by just by stepping down into the cleat whether the pedal was right side up, upside down or anywhere else in its rotation.

What kind of cleats do Speedplay zero pedals use?

There are two cleat options: Standard Tension and Easy Tension. Both are compatible with all four pedals (Standard Tension Cleats are included with Aero, Nano, and Zero; Easy Tension is included with Comp). NOTE: The cleats are essentially the same as the previous Speedplay Zero Aero Walkable cleats.

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