What is the difference between vascular dementia and dementia?

What is the difference between vascular dementia and dementia?

Vascular dementia is a common type of dementia caused by reduced blood flow to the brain. It’s estimated to affect around 150,000 people in the UK. Dementia is the name for problems with mental abilities caused by gradual changes and damage in the brain.

What is an example of vascular dementia?

Examples of vascular dementia include: Mixed dementia. This type occurs when symptoms of both vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s exist. Multi-infarct dementia.

How fast does vascular dementia progress?

Vascular dementia progression can vary with the underlying cause of the disease. When it results from a stroke, symptoms are more likely to begin suddenly. About 20% of people who suffer a stroke will develop vascular dementia within six months.

How quickly does vascular dementia progress?

Vascular dementia – around five years. This is lower than the average for Alzheimer’s mostly because someone with vascular dementia is more likely to die from a stroke or heart attack than from the dementia itself.

What is the average lifespan of someone with vascular dementia?

On average, people with vascular dementia live for around five years after symptoms begin, less than the average for Alzheimer’s disease. Because vascular dementia shares many of the same risk factors as heart attack and stroke, in many cases, the person’s death will be caused by a stroke or heart attack.

What are the end stages of vascular dementia?

As the condition progresses, it damages all brain functions, so the effects can be similar to those of Alzheimer’s disease in the later stages. The later stages include greater levels of confusion, mood changes, and memory problems. People may also have hallucinations in the later stages.

What is the best treatment for vascular dementia?

There are some medications that may help to manage some symptoms of vascular dementia. These medications may include drugs that can help with cognitive symptoms, such as memory, language and judgement. These include memantine (Namenda) and cholinesterase inhibitors, such as Aricept, Exelon, and Razadyne.

What are the signs of vascular dementia?

Vascular dementia symptoms vary, depending on the part of your brain where blood flow is impaired. Symptoms often overlap with those of other types of dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease dementia. Vascular dementia signs and symptoms include: Confusion. Trouble paying attention and concentrating.

What is the life expectancy of someone with mixed dementia?

Because Mixed dementia is usually linked to Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia, and Dementia for Lewy bodies, life expectancy can be relatively malleable. Alzheimer’s general expectancy is around 8-12 years from diagnosis, whereas dementia with Lewy bodies has a life expectancy of 5-7 years.

What are the types and stages of dementia?

Types of dementia. The types of dementia are divided into several classifications of the condition.

  • the brain’s outer layer.
  • Subcortical Dementias.
  • Progressive Dementias.
  • Primary Dementia.
  • Secondary Dementia.
  • Stages of dementia.
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