What is the meaning of gawkers?

What is the meaning of gawkers?

A gawker is a person who stares openly at someone or something. After a bad car accident on the highway, gawkers often slow down for a look. To gawk is to gape, stare, or rubberneck without trying to hide the fact that you’re doing it.

What is the fancy name for plastic?

Frequently Asked Questions About plastic Some common synonyms of plastic are adaptable, ductile, malleable, pliable, and pliant.

What’s another word for plexiglass?

Words popularity by usage frequency

ranking word
#57907 lucite
#70484 plexiglass
#71395 plexiglas
#84289 perspex

What does Gocked mean?

: to gape or stare stupidly gawked at the fish in the aquarium.

What is the scientific name for plastic?

Polyethylene or polythene (abbreviated PE; IUPAC name polyethene or poly(methylene)) is the most common plastic in use today.

Is Lucite an acrylic?

Lucite is a high quality, trademarked version of acrylic resin developed by DuPont in 1937. Some acrylic is low quality and may not be as clear or resistant to the elements as a higher grade acrylic plastic, such as Lucite. Lucite is used in our acrylic pull handles and knobs as we only use the best materials.

What is the synonym of relics?

noun. 1’a Viking relic which was more than a thousand years old’ artefact, historical object, ancient object, antiquity, antique, heirloom, object of virtu, curio.

What’s another name for dory?

What is another word for dory?

sailboat bark
cutter yawl
dinghy brig
brigantine catamaran
clipper craft

What is Kindergarten synonym?

kindergartens, maternal, nursery, pre-school, preschool, pre-primary, crèche, maternelle, playground.

What are Gawpers?

vb. slang (often foll by: at) Brit to stare stupidly; gape. [C14 galpen; probably related to Old English gielpan to boast, yelp. Compare Dutch galpen to yelp]

What is a antonym for gawk?

noun. ( ˈgɔk) An awkward stupid person. Antonyms. distrust mistrust disagree back. stumblebum clumsy person.

What is another word for preschool?

What is another word for preschool?

nursery prekindergarten
playschool crèche
preschool playgroup day care
infant school che
crè play-centre

What can I use instead of kindly?

Synonyms & Antonyms of kindly

  • beneficent,
  • benevolent,
  • benignant,
  • compassionate,
  • good-hearted,
  • humane,
  • kind,
  • kindhearted,

What is the synonym of urchin?

nounmischievous child, small person. brat. demon. devil. deviling.

What’s another word for rehash?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rehash, like: repeat, renovate, summarize, refuse, deny, retrograde, hash over, reshuffling, re-hash, re-hashing and hackneyed.

What does the word lofty mean?

1a : elevated in character and spirit : noble lofty ideals. b : elevated in status : superior the less lofty customers of the bar. 2 : having a haughty overbearing manner : supercilious She showed a lofty disregard for their objections. 3a : rising to a great height : impressively high lofty mountains.

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