What is the Rasta Bible called?

What is the Rasta Bible called?

Jah International Version
The Rastafari Bible is an edition of the Holy Bible for Rastas. The Jah International Version is a revision of the King James Version, which has a long history of use in Rastafari. The JIV restores the name of God JAH in both the Old and New Testaments.

Why was the Holy Piby banned?

The Holy Piby is a very rare, pre-Rastafarian book, which was banned in the 1920’s by Jamaica for it’s controversial proclamations; despite the ban, the book and it’s followers succeeded in planting the seeds which would become Rastafarianism.

Do Rasta read the Bible?

Rastas believe that they can come to know the true meanings of biblical scriptures by cultivating a mystical consciousness of oneself with Jah, called “I-and-I.” Rastas read the Bible selectively, however, emphasizing passages from Leviticus that admonish the cutting of hair and beard and the eating of certain foods …

Do Rasta believe in God?

Rasta believe in the Judeo-Christian God and refer to their higher power as “Jah”. 7. The Rastafari believe marijuana, known as ganja, is sacred.

Who was the black man in the Bible?

Bible history is full of honors for the Black Man, Jethro the Ethiopian or Negro father-in-law of Moses, who was the author who first employed that, which is today, our judicial system, considerably twisted and revised to meet the changing conditions of civilization (Exodus 18th Chapter).

Who is the greatest black man of all time?

Speaking of black skin, the greatest brain work and wisdom ever given to this world was given by men of black skins, or at least in whose veins the greatest portion of blood was Ethiopian or Negro blood. As to this assertion and King Solomon, see “Songs of Solomon 1st Chapter 6th verse.”

Is the black man the father of civilization free?

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Black Man, the Father of Civilization, by James Morris Webb This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.

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