What is the readership of The Times?

What is the readership of The Times?

The Times had an average daily circulation of 417,298 in January 2019; in the same period, The Sunday Times had an average weekly circulation of 712,291. An American edition of The Times has been published since 6 June 2006.

Who owns the South African Sunday Times?

Arena Holdings
Sunday Times (South Africa)

Type Weekly newspaper
Owner(s) Arena Holdings
Editor S’thembiso Msomi
Founded 1906
Language English

How many people read newspapers South Africa?

South Africa has a circulation of approximately 45 million newspapers a year.

What is the circulation of the Sunday Times?

The Sunday Times has a circulation of just over 650,000, which exceeds that of its main rivals, including The Sunday Telegraph and The Observer, combined.

Is The Times a daily paper?

The Times, daily newspaper published in London, one of Britain’s oldest and most influential newspapers. It is generally accounted, with The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, one of Britain’s “big three” and has long been recognized as one of the world’s greatest newspapers.

How much does a Sunday Times cost?

News UK has announced that The Sunday Times will cost 20p more from Sunday 7 July but margins for retailers will remain at 21%. Increasing in price from £2.70 to £2.90, the change is forecast to deliver an extra £5.6m in cash per year for stores. Retailers selling the paper will now make 60.9p on every copy sold.

Who bought the Sunday Times?

Roy Thomson
In 1959 The Sunday Times was bought by Roy Thomson, and under his guidance the paper introduced Britain’s first colour magazine supplement, in 1962. Thomson subsequently purchased The Times, and, beginning in 1967, the two papers were published by the newly created Times Newspapers Ltd.

How much is the Star newspaper in South Africa?


Subscription Package Price Back issues
1 Month Monday – Saturday (auto-renewed) R 95.00 24 days
3 Months Monday – Saturday (auto-renewed) R 308.75 72 days
6 Months Monday – Saturday (auto-renewed) R 617.50 144 days
12 Months Monday – Saturday (auto-renewed) R 1235.00 288 days

Is The Times owned by Murdoch?

The Times and The Sunday Times were first held under common ownership by Lord Thomson in 1966 as Times Newspapers Limited (TNL) and were bought by Rupert Murdoch in 1981.

Can I get The Times delivered to my house?

Alternatively, you can get your newspaper conveniently delivered to your door by your local newsagent (this may incur additional costs, payable to the newsagent). Simply visit Deliver My Newspaper and enter your postcode to search for a local newsagent who will deliver your newspaper to your door.

Is there a times daily newspaper in South Africa?

TimesLIVE is a South African online newspaper that started as The Times daily newspaper. The Times print version was an offshoot of Sunday Times, to whose subscribers it was delivered gratis; non-subscribers paid R2.50 per edition in the early years.

Who is the owner of the times of South Africa?

It is owned by Arena Holdings since November 2019 and is the second-largest news website in South Africa. The Times of South Africa was a daily printed newspaper that was delivered free to 137,054 (according to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations statistics) Sunday Times subscribers five days a week.

Which is the most quoted newspaper in South Africa?

One of many lenses for tracking who has local influence is to determine how often a newspaper is quoted by its media peers. Recent Media Tenor research indicates the Sunday Times is the most quoted traditional medium in South Africa, this for the sixth time in a row.

Why is the Sunday Times important in South Africa?

The Sunday Times is a tradition – an experience South Africans have grown to love and trust. Every Sunday it brings families together – sharing the various sections of the paper in a relaxed environment. The Sunday Times is the paper South Africans know they can TRUST. It truly is the ‘PAPER FOR THE PEOPLE’.

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