What is there to do in Christies Beach?

What is there to do in Christies Beach?

Christies Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach where you can enjoy long beach walks and indulge in your favourite water activities, such as swimming, fishing, surfing, sailing, kayaking, diving, and more. The decking and boardwalk makes meandering down onto the sand especially easy.

Is Christies Beach a safe suburb?

This is evident with the tremendous turnout at the annual Beach Road Christies Parade, Australia Day Fireworks and other similar community events. The beaches are rated among the cleanest & safest in the State along with numerous parks and recreation facilities.

Can you swim at Christies Beach?

Christies Beach is one of the most popular family beaches in the Fleurieu Peninsula, providing safe swimming for all ages and a large foreshore reserve for picnics, gatherings and other outdoor activities.

Are dogs allowed on Christies Beach?

Dogs are permitted off-leash (but under effective control ) at any time north of Heather Street, Chrisities Beach, and south of Selway Terrace, O’Sullivan Beach. Outside of this area, dogs must be on-leash from 10am to 8pm during daylight savings.

What is the postcode for Christies Beach?

Christies Beach/Postal codes

Is Christies Downs safe?

It’s also safe, clean and a pretty friendly area with many old homes being slowly being replaced with new homes. If I were to choose Christie Downs or Elizabeth, CHRISTIE DOWNS!

Is Morphett Vale a good place to live?

Morphett Vale has a good range of properties with units starting from $220,000, new villas around $300,000 through to $500,000 for a modern home on a larger block. Covering 13 square kilometres and the residents being primarily couples with children, makes it a great family suburb.

Is Christies beach good for fishing?

The rips produce holes for beach fishing, while there is also rock fishing off the southern Witton Bluff or the northern breakwater. However most fishers use the boat ramp to fish the outer reefs and gulf waters.

What is the postcode for Christies beach?

What is the post code for Morphett Vale?

Morphett Vale/Zip codes

How do you spell Christie Beach?

Christies Beach is a seaside suburb in the southern Adelaide metropolitan area, within the City of Onkaparinga.

Is Morphett Vale a good suburb?

Where are Christies Beach marine fishing boats built?

Designed & built in South Australia, these high quality fibreglass fishing boats have the performance & value that sets the brand apart from others. Adventure with confidence. Standard models range from 4.3 to 8.95 metres. Commercial requirements can be met specifically with custom boat builds.

Where is the Christies Beach tourist park located?

Christies Beach Tourist Park is a small, boutique park located beside a popular surf beach and reef with breathtaking views of Gulf St Vincent.

Is it safe to swim at Christies Beach?

Christies Beach is one of Adelaide’s popular family beaches. It provides safe swimming for all ages, with a large foreshore reserve for picnics, gatherings and other outdoor activities. A well used, all season boat ramp provides access to many good fishing grounds near to Christies Beach.

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