What kind of cable do I need to connect DVD player to TV?

What kind of cable do I need to connect DVD player to TV?

What cables do you need to connect a DVD player to a TV? Newer DVD players typically come with an HDMI cable, which you can simply plug into the TV and DVD player. However, older models may come with a composite cable. To use this, connect the red, white and yellow plugs into their respective ports on both devices.

How do I play a DVD on a smart TV?

Step 1: Just connect the DVD player directly to your smart TV with an HDMI-cable. Step 2: The screen would pop up one signal, and the player could recognize the tv-screen as an HDMI recipient. And then you could play DVD videos on your smart tv directly.

How do you connect a DVD to a TV?

Connect the DVD player to your TV using the applicable cable. Examples include A/V, S-video and HDMI. Make sure you plug the cable into the “video out” connection on your DVD player and the “video in” connection on your TV. Check the back of your TV for A/V-in connections.

Does DVD player require HDMI cable?

Actually , there are 3 types cables to connect a DVD player to a TV, HDMI, A/V cable and component cable. No matter which way you choose, you still need the cable to connect the DVD player to a TV. How do you hook up a DVD player to a TV that has no yellow input?

What cable connects TV to cable box?

If your TV is an HDTV, you can use an HDMI cable to connect your Comcast box to your TV; if not, you’ll need standard A/V cables (the red, yellow, and white cables) to connect the box to your TV. The cable box should come with A/V cables.

Can I connect a VCR to my HDTV?

A composite video cable, which will connect most VCR players to an HDTV. Anyway, yes-it is possible to hook up your old VCR player to a new HDTV, even if your VHS deck doesn’t have an HDMI video output (which I’m almost positive it doesn’t, unless you happen to have a newer DVD/VCR combo player).

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