What kind of music does Graham Fitkin compose?

What kind of music does Graham Fitkin compose?

Graham Fitkin (born 19 April 1963) is a British composer, pianist and conductor. His compositions fall broadly into the minimalist and postminimalist genres.

What happens in Chapter 3 of the Cone Gatherers?

Chapter 3 – Duror heads to the house, planning to spread a rumour about Calum. Roderick, “startled deer’s eyes and hare’s teeth” p.30. Duror (sexually) manipulating Effie, “ ‘Given the circumstances, Effie,’ he whispered, ‘I could blossom again like a gean-tree.’

What does Mrs Morton say about the Cone Gatherers?

When he brings up the subject of the cone gatherers, Mrs Morton shows no hostility towards them but Duror is quite happy to tell lies about them, and actually goes as far as to suggest that Calum is a sexual pervert and dangerous to young girls like Sheila.

When did the Cone Gatherers summary notes come out?

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Where does Graham Fitkin live in the UK?

In 1987, he moved to London. Fitkin returned to Cornwall in 1991 and, as of 2010, lives in Treen. His partner is harpist Ruth Wall, with whom he collaborates in Fitkin Wall. Fitkin’s work is broadly classified as minimalist and postminimalist.

Who are some of Graham Fitkin’s early works?

Several of his early works, including Log, Line and Loud, were composed for the six-piano ensemble, Piano Circus. He has also written several works for pianist Kathryn Stott, including Circuit for two pianos and orchestra, which was composed for Stott and Noriko Ogawa in 2002 to a commission from the BBC.

When did Graham Fitkin form the London Chamber Orchestra?

Fitkin will compose a new work for the London Chamber Orchestra to be premiered in 2012. In 1996, he formed the Graham Fitkin Group. His work has been released by Decca ‘s Argo label, Sanctuary ‘s Black Box label, BIS Records and Factory Classical.

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