What makes an icon motorcycle helmet an icon?

What makes an icon motorcycle helmet an icon?

A magical combination of good style and bad attitude, the Icon brand sets itself apart from everything else in the protective motorcycle gear market – waaay apart.

What kind of paint does Quicksilver icon helmet use?

The Airflite now joins the ranks of the Quicksilver Icon helmet series. This unique finish is accomplished by applying silver paint to the shell, then painstakingly antiquing each helmet by hand. No two are alike. This process is what gives each one it depth and sheen.

Where do you find fayder on the icon helmet?

Icon has created an all-new lid with additional graphical real estate to house many, many bolts. The Airflite Fayder is all bolts, all the time. Deep inside a desert burial mound you find him, the all-powerful god of mountain of earth. It is in front of him that you will answer the riddle of steel and the calculus of cool.

What does the Airflite on an icon helmet mean?

They say shallow men believe in luck and strong men believe in cause and effect. The Airflite Good Fortune sits somewhere in the middle. Ancient gold-flaked symbology with a side of dragon combine for a base of prosperity, while the underlying helmet shell is just common sense. Be hopeful, be wise, ride Icon.

Are there any recalls on Alliance GT helmets?

ICON wants to inform you that there will be a voluntary recall of certain Alliance and Alliance GT helmets produced during part of 2017. The specific helmets being recalled are the Alliance Dark helmets manufactured from January 2017 through July 2017, and the Alliance GT Horror and Rubatone helmets manufactured from March 2017 through July 2017.

What are the names of the motorcycle helmets?

Their graphics have been called irreverent, playful, outlandish and even terrifying. But with a common thread of undeniable cool, the secret to their style is not taking themselves too seriously.

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