What Mark is a credit USYD?

What Mark is a credit USYD?

What the results mean

Result code Result name Mark range
HD High distinction 85 – 100
DI Distinction 75 – 84
CR Credit 65 – 74
PS Pass 50 – 64

Is 85 a good mark in university?

Not all Continuing Education courses are subject to grading….Grading System.

A+ 95 – 100% Outstanding
A- 85 – 89% Approaching Excellent
B+ 80 – 84% Exceeding Good
B 75 – 79% Good Clearly above average performance with knowledge of subject matter generally complete.
B- 70 – 74% Approaching Good

What is a good WAM in USYD?

To be eligible for honours, you’ll need to have a strong academic record, with a minimum weighted average mark (WAM) of 65 to 75 percent depending on the type of honours you intend to complete.

Is 74 a good mark at uni?

Excellent 74-79% All the qualities of a lower first class mark but outstanding in one or more ways. Exceptional 80-89% Displays striking insight, sophistication, originality and analytical skills; the quality of the work overall far outweighs any shortcomings or possibility of improvement.

Is 75 a good WAM?

If we go by the UNSW engineering WAM calculations for First Class Honours, then a “good WAM” would be around 75. Since we are looking for “jobs”, then I would say having a degree with honours (I) is better than a Pass with Distinction/Pass.

What GPA is a 1st class Honours?


GPA UK module marks UK degree classification
4 70+ First class honours
3.7 65-69 Upper-second class honours
3.3 60-64 Upper-second class honours
3 55-59 Lower-second class honours

Is credit a good grade?

Credit: A good performance; mark range 65-74.

Is 72 a good grade at university?

When you start at university, any mark over 50% is a great grade. Getting a mark over 50% means that you are beginning to understand the difficult work of your degree. Getting over 60% is excellent because it means you have demonstrated a deep knowledge of your subject to the marker.

Is 75% a good mark?

A – is the highest grade you can receive on an assignment, and it’s between 90% and 100% B – is still a pretty good grade! This is an above-average score, between 80% and 89% F – this is a failing grade.

What is a respectable WAM?

65-70 wam = good. you can get into some good graduate programs at some really good companies that are very relevant and good in their space. alot of people with wams in this bracket work for the big 4 banks in their graduate programs. 70-80 = your wam is getting very good now.

What is blackboard at University of South Carolina?

The University of South Carolina’s Blackboard system is a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows instructors and students to engage online in instructor to student, student to material, and student to student interactions.

What can you do with blackboard in college?

In Blackboard, instructors may post course content, develop online assessments, facilitate peer to peer interactions, send announcements, communicate with students, and maintain and calculate student grades.

Where do I find my grades at University of Sydney?

Your results for previous semesters are in Sydney Student. Go to ‘My studies’, then ‘Assessments’ to view your results notice. You can also view them on your academic transcript. There are different types of average marks used at the University, including Weighted Average Mark (WAM), Annual Average Mark (AAM) and Semester Average Mark (SAM).

Where to find missing or incomplete results at University of Sydney?

In some instances you may have a missing or incomplete (IC) result after results are released. Find out more about missing or incomplete (IC) result. Your results for previous semesters are in Sydney Student. Go to ‘My studies’, then ‘Assessments’ to view your results notice. You can also view them on your academic transcript.

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