What shops are at the Lowry Salford?

What shops are at the Lowry Salford?

Shops at the Quayside MediaCityUK (Lowry Outlet) are:

  • AX Paris – Womenswear.
  • Baggage Factory.
  • Beauty Outlet – Branded cosmetics at discount prices.
  • Belledorm – Bedding, table linen etc.
  • Cadbury Factory Outlet – Chocolates, gifts and Cadbury memorabilia.
  • Chic 2 Chic.
  • Claire’s – Fashion accessories for women and girls.

Has the Lowry Centre changed its name?

The Lowry Outlet mall at MediaCityUK is set for a rebrand and will no longer bear the name of the 20th century painter. Peel bosses, who bought the shopping centre for £70m in 2012, have announced it will be now been known as ‘Lifestyle Outlet Manchester’ – despite the fact it is in Salford.

How many Theatres are in the Lowry?

two theatres
At the core of the complex are two theatres and a drama studio.

Who owns the Lowry Outlet?

Lifestyle Outlets Rebrands Lowry Outlet as part of £26 million development to Quayside MediaCityUK. Lifestyle Outlets, part of Peel L&P, has announced that it is rebranding Lowry Outlet now work is well underway on what is set to be one of the region’s most exciting and vibrant leisure destinations.

Are dogs allowed in the Lowry Outlet?

Service and Assistance dogs are welcome in all areas of our building.

What shops are at Media City?

And for groceries and fresh produce visit the highly popular Booths food store, or WHSmith for newspapers, magazines, stationery and gifts.

  • Quayside MediaCityUK. Big brand shopping all day, every day >
  • Booths. Special, local & unique food and drink >
  • WHSmith. Handily located in the Open Centre >

Where is the Lowry Gallery in the UK?

Pier 8, The Quays, Salford
Address: Pier 8, The Quays, Salford, M50 3AZ Amended Opening Hours Galleries: Tue-Fri 11am-5pm | Sat-Sun 10am-5pm | Closed Mon, except bank holidays.

Is Lowry Outlet parking open?

Lowry Outlet Car Park The car park is open from 7am to 30 minutes after the last cinema showing has finished (approximately between 1am to 2pm).

Can you swim in Salford Quays?

Be safe. Unsupervised swimming in the Quays and jumping from bridges is prohibited and not allowed for your safety. No matter how hot the weather, open water in Salford Quays is cold. The risk of drowning through cold water shock is real.

What does Lowry mean in English?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lavery, also spelled Lowry, Lowrie, Lory, and Lowery, is an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic Ó Labhradha, meaning the “descendants of Labhradha”.

How do I contact the Lowry Theatre?

Phone: 0343 208 6000 | Fax: 0161 876 2001 | Groups: 0343 208 1850. Counter: 10am – 6pm Mon – Sun when there are no shows in the theatre.

Where is the Lowry Outlet in Salford UK?

Try to visit Lowry Outlet with more than 78 stores, services and restaurants. Lowry Outlet is located on address: The Quays, Salford, North West, England, M50 3AH – GPS: 53.4709636, -2.2930764. Look at the map with driving directions.

Is the Lowry Gallery in Manchester free to enter?

The Lowry Galleries showcase changing exhibitions by one of Britain’s best loved artists, LS Lowry, as well as paintings, sculpture and photography from around the world. There’s always something new and refreshing to see in the galleries. Gallery entry is free. Pier Eight is The Lowry’s brand new restaurant and bar.

How many stores are there in the Lowry Outlet?

Over 90 stores are spread over two floors and offer ladieswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, childrenswear, jewellery, lingerie, sportswear, health and beauty products, and more. AX Paris – Womenswear. Beauty Outlet – Branded cosmetics at discount prices.

Is the Lowry Building open on the weekends?

Coronavirus: The Lowry building is NOW OPEN for socially-distanced indoor performances (mid-week evenings & weekends) and for gallery visitors (11am-4pm at weekends). Click here for details of our COVID-19 safety measures.

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