What shops are in Crossgates Shopping Centre?

What shops are in Crossgates Shopping Centre?


  • Bad Bambi.
  • Balcony Bites.
  • Bonmarché Fashion.
  • Browns. Jewellers.
  • Card Factory. Greeting cards and gifts.
  • CeX. Buy, sell & exchange goods.
  • Cooplands. Bakery.
  • Costa. Coffee shop.

What is open in Crossgates?

March 4, 1984
Crossgates Mall/Opened

Is Crossgates Shopping Centre closing down?

The next three casualties are all at Crossgates Shopping Centre. Shoe Zone, Bonmarché and Peacocks have all announced they are closing down, with big sales already in place at each of the three shops.

Is Crossgates a nice place to live?

Crossgates is okay. There are a lot of amenities – dentist, doctor, station, shops…etc. None if the restaurants or shops are particularly exciting but there are really good links to the city centre by bus and train.

Is whinmoor a nice area?

The urban residential area of Whinmoor has a range of amenities, schools and property opportunities. Popular with commuters, it is just 15 minutes to Leeds city centre with excellent transport links and the continuous housing developments mean there is a number of modern homes perfect for families.

What are the bad areas of Leeds?

The Leeds areas with the most reports of violence and sexual offences in April, according to West Yorkshire Police

  • Harehills and the surrounding area: 393 reports.
  • Beeston and the surrounding area: 330 reports.
  • Seacroft and the surrounding area: 162 reports.
  • Woodhouse, Headingley and the surrounding area: 161 reports.

Is Crossgates a nice area?

Is it safe to walk in Leeds at night?

Leeds is one of the darkest cities in the UK, you only have to walk through Hyde Park to notice this. With not even one street light, Woodhouse Moor (Hyde Park) is unsafe to walk through- even at 4pm. So, if you want to stay alive, do not walk around Leeds in the dark.

Which is safer Manchester or Leeds?

A new study has found that Leeds is the 10th safest place to live in the UK. It is safer than neighbours Bradford, Wakefield, Sheffield and even York, but not safer than Manchester, Belfast and Newcastle. Birmingham topped the list as the safest in the UK out of the 30 places that made the list.

What is the roughest area in Leeds?

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