What size line does a Stihl FS 130 use?

What size line does a Stihl FS 130 use?

095″ / 2.4mm.

How many cc is a Stihl FS 131?

36.3 cc
With its low-emission, 36.3 cc engine and a larger fuel tank than the previous model, the FS 131 delivers 30% longer run times….Oils & Lubricants.

FS 131 Specifications – Professional Use
DISPLACEMENT 2.2 cu. in.

Who owns STIHL?

Stihl Holding AG & Co. KG
Stihl/Parent organizations

Does trimmer boss fit STIHL?

The FS-MM trimmer head is designed to be removed and replaced with a wide range of STIHL trimmer heads, including STIHL SuperCut™, FixCut™, DuroCut and more! See it in action!

What’s the best trimmer line?

Our Top Picks

  • 2.1 Husqvarna Titanium Force.
  • 2.2 Echo Cross-Fire Line.
  • 2.3 Oregon Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line.
  • 2.4 A ANLEOLIFE Commercial Square String Trimmer Line.
  • 2.5 Copperhead Vortex Trimmer Line.
  • 2.6 Cyclone Commercial-Grade 6-Blade Trimmer Line.
  • 2.7 DEWALT String Trimmer Line.

Is the Stihl FS 131 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

The Stihl FS 131 R brush cutter features the STIHL 4-MIX engine, which is our first four stroke engine which works on a mixture of petrol and oil. It combines the advantages of four-stroke and two-stroke engines in one. With higher torque and up to 80% less emissions and a deeper more pleasant sound.

Are STIHL trimmers 2 cycle?

Stihl brand and other weed trimmers use a two-stroke engine, meaning the engine completes one combustion cycle in a single turn of the crank shaft. To keep the engine lubricated, oil is sent into the combustion chamber at the same time as the fuel.

What’s the price of a Stihl FS 130 brush Trimmer?

Stihl FS 130 Cutting through challenging jobs with difficult terrain and tough mowing conditions is easier than ever with the low-emission bike handle FS 130 trimmer. With quick, smooth acceleration and lower vibration for comfortable operation, it’s part of a new class of heavy-duty professional trimmers. $429.95 MSRP*

Why does Stihl FS 130 have a shoulder strap?

Shoulder Strap / Carrying System Using a shoulder strap or carrying system helps distribute the weight of the equipment for increased operator comfort and improved maneuverability. Fully Lined Drive Shaft Provides smooth operation and less vibration.

What’s the difference between a FS 130 and a trimmer?

FS 130, FS 130 R English 3 The terminology utilized in this manual when referring to the power tool reflects the fact that different types of cutting attachments may be mounted on it. The term “trimmer” is used to designate an FS unit that is equipped with a nylon line head or a head with flexible plastic blades (i.e., the PolyCut head).

How does purge pump primer work on Stihl FS 130?

For transportation and space-saving storage, the handle can be rotated 90°. Purge Pump Primer By pressing the bulb, this small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburetor, reducing the number of starting pulls needed after an extended break between uses.

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