What tribes are not federally recognized?

What tribes are not federally recognized?

The Little Shell, a multiethnic people primarily of Chippewa, Cree, Assiniboine, and European descent, have never been recognized through the federal acknowledgement process, which outlines the criteria tribes must meet in order to establish a government-to-government relationship with the United States.

What is a tribal consultation?

Tribal Consultation is an enhanced form of communication that emphasizes trust, respect, and shared responsibility. It is an open and free exchange of information and opinion among parties, which leads to mutual understanding and comprehension.

What is a Tribal CSE agency?

The tribal CSE agency is responsible for receiving and processing income withholding orders from states or other tribes and ensuring orders are promptly served on employers.

Why is tribal consultation important?

True and effective consultation will result in information exchange, mutual understanding, and informed decision-making on behalf of the Indian tribes and the federal government. Indian tribes have an inalienable and inherent right to self-government.

What is a tribal agency?

Tribal Agencies Currently 60 tribes operate child support programs, providing services to Native American families consistent with tribal values and cultures. The Bureau of Indian Affairs lists federally recognized Indian Tribes eligible for federal funding (PDF) Visit disclaimer page .

Does Native Americans have to pay child support?

Tribal Rights Hinder Child Support For Mothers Native American tribes are sovereign nations and don’t have to comply with court-ordered child support payments.

What are training initiatives in Texas Health and Human Services?

Training Initiatives To provide educational opportunities to enhance services across the state, Texas Health and Human Services develops and provides free training. Training initiatives are based on needs of service providers, people receiving services and supports, and emerging and best practices.

What are the security requirements for DSHS TB / HIV / STD section?

DSHS TB/HIV/STD (THS) Section requires all persons who may have access to confidential TB, HIV, STD, and/or Viral Hepatitis information to complete a security training and sign a confidentiality agreement at time of employment and on an annual basis.

What is the role of HHS in tribal affairs?

Coordination of HHS participation in national Tribal meetings and Tribal site visits for HHS executive leadership Advice and assistance to the HHS Regional Directors and Senior staff on tribal affairs Coordination of the Secretary’s policy development for Tribes and national Native organizations

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