What was the main campaign issue in the election of 1896?

What was the main campaign issue in the election of 1896?

Economic issues, especially tariff policy and the question of whether the gold standard should be preserved for the money supply, were central issues.

What was the major issue of the election of 1896 quizlet?

The MAIN ISSUES were the coinage of silver and protective tariffs. This Democratic candidate ran for president most famously in 1896 (and again in 1900).

What were the results of the election of 1896?

William Jennings Bryan, gifted orator and three-time presidential candidate was born on March 19, 1860, in Salem, Illinois. In 1896, he defeated incumbent President Grover Cleveland to win the Democratic Party nomination for president.

How did the election of 1896 affect the Populist Party quizlet?

How did the election of 1896 affect the Populists? The party disappeared. It led to the dominance of the Democratic Party. The populist candidate for president in 1892 was _____.

What was McKinley’s legacy?

He was president during the Spanish–American War of 1898, raised protective tariffs to boost American industry, and rejected the expansionary monetary policy of free silver, keeping the nation on the gold standard.

Why did farmers support the Populist Party in 1896 quizlet?

farmers and laborers who wanted bimetallism and more money in circulation so products could be sold at higher prices. Supported bimetallism, lost the 1896 presidential election. His speech “Cross of Gold” became a famous speech about the currency system in the U.S.

What was significant about McKinley’s election in 1896 quizlet?

Republican William McKinley defeated Democratic-Populist “Popocrat” William Jennings Bryan. 1st election in 24 years than Republicans won a majority of the popular vote. McKinley won promoting the gold standard, pluralism, and industrial growth.

What was McKinley’s foreign policy?

McKinley’s foreign policy created an overseas empire and put the U.S. on the world’s list of major powers. In 1897 the economy rapidly recovered from the severe depression, called the Panic of 1893. McKinley’s supporters in 1900 argued that the new high tariff and the commitment to the gold standard were responsible.

Was President McKinley a decisive leader?

“Recent historians have been kinder to McKinley, seeing him instead as a decisive President who put America on the road to world power.” It was indeed McKinley who made the decision to order a blockade of Cuba, which lead to the Spanish-American War. He was also the last President who was a Civil War veteran.

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