What were the responses to the Christchurch earthquake?

What were the responses to the Christchurch earthquake?

Responses to reduce the impacts International aid was provided (around $6 to $7 million). Aid workers from charities such as the Red Cross came to help. 300 Australian police officers were flown in. Temporary housing was provided.

What caused the 2010 New Zealand earthquake?

In September 2010, Christchurch was shaken by the magnitude 7.1 Darfield earthquake, caused by movement along faults west of the city on the Canterbury Plains.

Why was the Christchurch earthquake so destructive?

The earthquake was a “strike-slip event with oblique motion” which caused mostly horizontal movement with some vertical movement, with reverse thrust causing upwards vertical movement. The vertical acceleration was far greater than the horizontal acceleration.

What was the economic impact of the Christchurch earthquake 2011?

Economic costs Damage estimates have increased from $15 billion in the 2011 budget to $20 billion and possibly up to $30 billion if ‘business disruption or additional costs from inflation, insurance administration or rebuilding to higher standards than before the earthquake’ are included.

What was the depth of the 2010 Christchurch earthquake?

It revealed the existence of a hidden west-east fault under the gravels of the Canterbury Plains. The magnitude 7.1 earthquake occurred at 4:35 am on 4 September, the epicentre was 40 km west of Christchurch City, and the depth of the quake was at 10 km. The epicentre was close to the town of Darfield.

How many people died in the NZ Earthquake 2010?

180 people
Christchurch’s city centre was hit particularly hard and was evacuated. Over the months that followed, it was established that more than 180 people had died in the quake; many of them had been killed outright as structures collapsed and debris fell in the streets, crushing cars and buses as well.

What was the deadliest earthquake in New Zealand?

At 9:11pm, on 23 January 1855, the southern part of the North Island was struck by a magnitude 8.2 earthquake, the most powerful ever recorded in New Zealand. Four people were killed and the landscape of the Wellington region was changed significantly.

What was the cause of the Christchurch earthquake in 2010?

The September 2010 earthquake caused two Christchurch residents to be seriously injured, one by a falling chimney and a second by flying glass, and led to many with less serious injuries.

Where was the earthquake in New Zealand in 2011?

The earthquake occurred on New Zealand’s South Island, 10km west of Christchurch, at 12.51pm on 22nd February 2011 and lasted just 10 seconds. Measuring 6.3 on the Richter Scale and, at 4.99 km deep, the earthquake was very shallow. The earthquake occurred along a conservative margin between the Pacific Plate and the Australasian Plate.

What was the curfew in Christchurch after the earthquake?

Initially, a curfew was established for parts of Christchurch Central City from 7 pm to 7 am in response to the earthquake. The New Zealand Army was deployed to the worst affected areas in Canterbury.

How did the New Zealand news media respond to the earthquake?

At SciBlogsNZ, Peter Griffin describes the losses suffered by the NZ News media in Christchurch (see Amid carnage media bears brunt of disaster). He also stresses that “the New Zealand media has actually responded impressively, with dignity and respect for the people of Christchurch.”

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