When did the NMC fee increase?

When did the NMC fee increase?

Contents. The decision to raise the fee was made by our Council at its meeting in October 2014. This followed a consultation which took place in May 2014.

What are NMC fees?

Nurses and midwives can choose to pay their £120 annual registration fee by quarterly direct debit payments of £30. “We are delighted to launch this new payment option, which will give greater flexibility to nurses and midwives when they pay their annual fee,” Jackie Smith, NMC Chief Executive and Registrar, said.

Can you claim your NMC fees back?

If you pay for your own NMC fee you will qualify for an NMC tax rebate. All registered Nurses must register with the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) and most pay for it themselves. An agreement is in place that means you can reclaim tax paid on the full NMC registration fee.

Why do we pay NMC fees?

“A key reason the fee is important to the NMC is that it’s our only source of income – we don’t rely on government funding for our regular activities of setting standards, maintaining the register, supporting revalidation and running fitness to practise.”

How much is Hcpc per year?

The renewal fee is £196.24 for two years (£98.12 per year). If you are a new UK graduate from an HCPC approved course, the fee you will pay for the first two ‘professional years’ is reduced by 50 percent to e £98.12 (£49.06 per year).

What is the NMC registration fee?

The registration fee is £195 and the retention fee is £309. There are additional fees for specialist or GP registrations. For more information see the General Medical Council website.

Do doctors pay a registration fee?

All doctors pay an annual retention fee to stay on the register. But there may be other fees to maintain your registration depending on your circumstances and how you revalidate.

How much tax can I claim back for professional fees?

UK taxpayers can claim back tax on their renewal fees every year. If you pay tax at the standard rate of 20 per cent, you can to claim around £19 back on your one-year £98.12 renewal fee.

Can university fees be claimed on tax?

If you’re studying a course that will maintain or improve your skills in your current occupation, you can claim the costs of study as a self-education expense. You can also claim the costs of course fees, textbooks, stationary, travel costs and the depreciation of items like laptops, tablets and printers.

Do nurses have to pay a yearly fee?

Nurses and midwives are not alone in having to pay a fee for registration. All other regulated healthcare professionals must pay an annual registration fee in order to work. The registration fee of other healthcare profession regulators can be found below*.

What is HCPC scrutiny fee?

HCPC costs £495 covering your scrutiny fee – which has to be paid when your application is received by HCPC.

How much electricity can I claim for working from home?

The fixed rate method for home expenses Using the fixed rate method, you’re able to claim a flat deduction of $0.52 for every hour worked from home. This covers things like electricity, gas, decline in value of furniture and fittings, and cleaning.

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